Next week I'm speaking at the +eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit  in San Francisco and my session title is "A very contrarian view of Tag Management"

Here's one more reason why someone needs to speak out. I just read a Q&A with a TMS vendor asked about where the TMS space is going to be in 5 years from now:

"Free standalone TMS vendors such as Google Tag Manager, which will mostly cater to SMBs and unsophisticated companies.... will mostly remain in their current state and not evolve as they are not revenue generating platforms. "

Seriously? How the f*ck can you think something like that? As if Google would just sit there and do nothing with GTM for five years? Really? Obviously all vendors (paid or free) will evolve significantly over the next five years, and one thing for sure, some of the paid vendors won't be there anymore...

Nice thing is I have some interesting stats and facts to share too :)
I hope those vendors will be in the room!
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