Question of the week: Is data spamming affecting/bothering you?

Be it Darodar, Semalt non-compliant bot, Vitaly Popov spam referral, etc - has been one of the hot topic over the past several months. Analysts are left wondering why odd referrers (including porn sites) are showing up in their data, why there are strange campaigns, or smileys in their search terms report...

The +Google Analytics team is working on some doc, see

Articles abound on how to protect against those, but too often, they are inaccurate or just so wrong that they further add to your data inaccuracies. 

Two of the best articles explaining how to protect yourself against data spamming are:
- by +Mike Sullivan by +Carlos Escalera Alonso 
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No, data spamming doesn't botter me
Yes, data spamming is a real pain
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