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Stephan Schmitz

Windows 10  - 
Official, direct-download links to all "Windows 10" upgrade packages.  
Plus, how to manually trigger the upgrade to Windows 10 (once the file has been downloaded). 



Here's a (huge) XML file, straight from the Microsoft servers, that contains direct-download links for each of the various upgrade packages now publicly available by Microsoft and therefor to upgrade from any supported Windows version to an appropriated Windows 10 edition right now. No need to wait until MS deploys it for you.  

Link to "Products.xml":

There're separated x86 and x64 versions of the installers, where each are tied to a specific combination of a) the current a.a) Windows version, a.b) Windows edition and a.c) _system language and b) the future b.a) Windows 10 edition and b.b) system language._


Vaguely: 1.) Figure out the correct upgrade package for your current PC, 2.) download it from the official HTTP source and,finally, 3.) install the downloaded image file. Profit.

The best thing: you can just invoke the "SetupHost.exe" manually from the command line in order to upgrade your Windows PC to Windows 10 yourself and right now. No need to wait for MS to serve it to you. :-)

Two more hints:

1) Download  
   - 32-bit upgrade packages as `installx86.esd` into `C:\$Windows.~WS\Sources`.
   - 64-bit upgrade packages as `installx64.esd` into `C:\$Windows.~WS\Sources`.

2) Check the "/InstallFile" switch of "C:\$Windows.~WS\Sources\SetupHost.Exe".

#windows10   #win10   #microsoft  
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Stephan Schmitz

Hacks and Attacks  - 
"So,..", he said, "Next, let's hack automatic fire weapons.".
"Awesome idea. Maybe a sniper rifle?! That would be fun, wouldn't it?", she replied.

I guess that is what a typical breakfast conversation of +Runa Sandvik and +Michael Auger looks like, he? ;-)
If a hacker attacks your TrackingPoint smart gun over its Wi-Fi connection, you may find the weapon is aiming at a different target than you think.
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Stephan Schmitz

Encryption  - 
Meet HORNET: the new anonymous network which is capable of handling anonymous traffic at speeds of *more than 93 Gbps* while maintaining privacy.

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Stephan Schmitz

Apps & Games  - 
That's an awesome idea for a product launch; a #VR live stream will unveil the #OnePlus2.
Get the #hype machine ready, the +OnePlus​ VR launch app is ready for you to install.
Product launches tend to be the same. An auditorium, a keynote, and a seate...
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I dont know.. seems like a dummy full of dummies looking at a dummy with two dummy statements about a dummy language. Hows that style dummy?
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Stephan Schmitz

Discussion  - 
Seriously..!? ^^
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He's Japanese, misunderstanding is okay 
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Stephan Schmitz

Discussion  - 
Yes! Amsterdam I'm coming..

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Stephan Schmitz

Discussion  - 
No comment.. ;-)
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Stephan Schmitz

Android M Dev Preview  - 
Did the "M" preview improved battery life for you?

(compared to stock 5.1.1.)
334 votes  -  votes visible to Public
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yes its great
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Stephan Schmitz

Guides/Tutorials  - 
A quick look at how to use console.time() & console.timeEnd() to log the execution time of any code block in a working example.

#DevTips #JS #Chrome
Finding execution of a block of code in any programming language helps you to write better code. In JavaScript, using console.time and console.timeEnd functions you can measure the amount of time a code block takes to run. Let's take a look at how to use console.time() and console.
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  • Internat Schloß Hagerhof, Germany
  • Heinrich-Böll-Gymnasium, Germany
  • Durham Boarding School, United Kingdom
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What i do

With 8+ years of professional development experience, I'm using my well-founded knowledge as well as my neverending thirst to explore new to provide consulting and programming services for online content publishers.

I love writing code and enjoy working - more or less fluently - with PHP, Python, CSS (2/3), HTML(4/5)/XHTML, JavaScript and a bit of Java.

I love writing code, APIs, Android, Open Source, Search, Web Semantics,

In my (rare) free time i love spending time with my wife and my tomcat Bexton.

Here're some of my open source work (if you have questions about it, please read first):

PHP library SEOstats
SEOstats is a powerful open source PHP library to request a bunch of SEO relevant metrics. It is the second most successful SEO open source project on GitHub and on Packagist and was featured in several O'Reilly books.

PHP class GWTdata
This project provides an easy way to automate downloading of data tables (as CSV) from Google Webmaster Tools and tries to provide a PHP alternative to the Python script available by Google. It was featured in O'Reilly book "Suchmaschinenoptimierung mit Google Webmaster Tools" by Stephan Czysch.

PHP class GwtCrawlErrors
Similar to GWTdata, this project provides an easy way to automate downloading of crawl errors from Google Webmaster Tools. It was also featured in O'Reilly book "Suchmaschinenoptimierung mit Google Webmaster Tools" by Stephan Czysch.

USB Mass Storage Toggle
Android App for Android 4.0+. USB Mass Storage Hack to use with ICS Ports that doesn't support UMS (yet). To date, it was installed more than 100,000 times.

CEO, CTO, Partner
  • eyecatchUp, Germany
    Android-, Mobile- & Webhacker, 2008 - present
    Optimizing web application architecture and infrastructure for accessibility, reliability, security and cost-effectivity .
  • Meetone GmbH
    CEO, 2014 - 2015
    Social Discovery Network,
  • Meetone GmbH
    CTO, 2012 - 2014
    Social Discovery Network,
  • Dt. Werbering GmbH, Germany
    Partner, CTO, 2010 - 2014
    External, 2009 - 2010
    External, 2006 - 2007
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BrailleBack - Android Apps on Google Play

BrailleBack is an Accessibility Service that helps blind users make use of braille devices. It works together with the TalkBack app to give

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Google I/O 2014 - Android Apps on Google Play

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Google Opinion Rewards - App Android su Google Play

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Street Art watch face - Android-Apps auf Google Play

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Training Day

Der erste Arbeitstag als Undercover Cop läuft für Jake Hoyt völlig anders als erwartet. Sein neuer Vorgesetzter Alonzo Harris interpretiert

How to Rob a Bank

Der junge Jinx (Nick Stahl) liebt und genießt sein cooles und sorgloses Single-Dasein. Bis zu jenem verhängnisvollen Tag, als er eine Bank b

Orpheus Music Player

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Measuring network performance with Resource Timing API

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3D Image Live Wallpaper

Features: • Creates 3D effect from any image • Includes high resolution Jelly Bean 4.2 wallpaper pack • Efficient OpenGL hardware accelerate


Vine is the best way to see and share life in motion. Create short, beautiful, looping videos in a simple and fun way for your friends and f

Google I/O 2012

The official Google I/O 2012 conference companion app supports devices running Android 2.2+, and is optimized for phones and tablets of all