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I am trying to use  to save the HighScore for a game I am working on.  this requires me to pass in context, which has me stuck.  I tried the parameters of (this, HighScore) along with other substitute, but cant figure out what it wants.  This just adds to the confusion:
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"this" refers to the class you're in. If that class extends Context (which Activity and Service do), you can pass it in. If not (such as Fragment or View), you need to get the Context. An attached Fragment has a reference to the Activity, so you can use getActivity() when the Fragment is attached.
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Stephan Miske

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I am building a game using the Android Studio, and I have some things that do not make sense when I am testing with the emulator.  I have a background screen that is 400x800 and it displays just fine.  when I reference the top of the screen I say its zero for the top and it works fine.  When I say 400 for the bottom it sticks me in the middle of the screen.  Is this an emulator issue or could I be doing something wrong?  do I need to specify that its pixel or something like that?  
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It turned out that the code I was using used a screen size of 875x465 and I had a background of 800 x 400.  even though I changed all the hard numbers the calculations must of been based on that original sizing.
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Great trailer 
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how do you reset memorex model 9290mmo.  The screen is stuck reading ---BUSY
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I have found that if you use a smaller background that when you put the bottom wall up it doesn't fall at the bottom of the screen, closer to the center even though HEIGHT = 400.  The collision does occur where it's suppose to.
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Mostafa Safavi originally shared to Funny Stuff:
When someone doesn't want you to win

#funnypics   #win   #funnystuff   
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Can the HDMI port on the BBB be used as input?  I would like to know if it is possible to create a device that will allow me to stream from my Sony Camera to my PC to YouTube.  The camera doesn't stream through the USB ports.  Is something like this worth a project?
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yea I know it's expensive that was what gave me the idea ;)
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I have been playing with the smokepuffs Y value where we set it to +10 so it appears to be coming out of the ass of the Helicopter.  (That was used in the video so you no where I am looking).  Anyways I am finding that it is staying in the same place not mater if I +10 or -10.
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I made the first movie trailer, take a look.
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