Balancing Google+ Page vs. Profile
Two words: Subject Authority

Solopreneurs and small businesses have a hard time balancing the decision to post to their company Google+ page, or their personal profile. Here's my take, and I'm using +Mark Traphagen , +Eric Enge and +Stone Temple Consulting to illustrate (thanks in advance guys!), simply because the question of Page vs. Profile usually involves Authorship, and nobody knows Authorship better than Mark.

Both your profile and page should be connected to your website; your page for verification and publisher purposes, your profile for Authorship. Now that part of the discussion is out of the way.

Posting Strategy
You optimize your website for those keywords, why wouldn't you optimize your Google+ posts for the same? It doesn't matter whether they are your own posts or reshares; if you were to look through the last 10 posts on your Google+ page, would it be in sync with the topics in which your business has the most authority?

Your profile can, and should, mix it up. If there is a company post that is relevant to your audience, share it to your profile with an intro and reason why it's relevant. This way any reshares pass your company's post along and give your company more exposure.

An example
Mark and Eric do this perfectly, with Stone Temple Consulting's Caturday Weekly Reader (, just look at the Ripples for the post to see what I mean. STC originates the content, it gets pushed out by all the company's employees, who have already built up trust and authority with their own audiences, so the STC post gets shared by way more people than it would have by itself.

Why this really matters
The marketing aspect is great, but the ability to finely tune a Google+ page to match the subject matter of its business and connected website are, in my opinion, the primary reason to have a Google+ page. All of the page’s followers are interested in that subject matter, which also means they could be potential customers or colleagues. When it comes to the people following a profile, however, the reasons could be varied.

This post was adapted from a section of my ebook, Google+ Pro Tips: Strategies for Posting and Sharing on Google+: available on Kindle

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