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A Playbook for anyone looking to Hangouts for marketing and business
+David Amerland 's newest book, Google+ Hangouts for Business, is a playbook for companies looking at Hangouts technology for marketing. I say "playbook" because David takes a broad, multifaceted technology (Hangouts) and distills it into three sections:

1) The technology itself
2) The business case for Hangouts
3) Technical and Strategic implementation

As a HOA host (+GPLUSSPOTLIGHT, Wednesdays, 12:30pm ET), the systematic approach to building brand authority, marketing, collaboration...all of it, resonated with me on so many levels, it was empowering.

This is a must-read for any hangouts on air host, as well as businesses looking to Hangouts technology for collaboration, marketing, and relationship building. Job well done, David.

Oh, and I recorded this as a private HOA where I only invited myself, which made it Unlisted, then after it rendered, I added the thumbnail, switched it to Public, and here we are. Pretty awesome.

My Amazon review: (David provided me with a review copy in advance, although I pre-ordered it through his publisher anyway for my library, but that's why you don't see "verified purchase")

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UPDATE: This post has been embedded in my latest blog post about building brand equity through HOA's:
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Definitely saving this to view later after my meetings!
+Anfernee Tan it's a great book...quick read if you're familiar with hangouts in the general sense of the technology, Google+ Events, etc. But packed with a systematic approach to building your marketing plan around them. Enjoy.
+Stephan Hovnanian , what a brilliant idea to review his book in this way, and yes you're point spot-on as to the value +David Amerland 's book brings both those new to HOA, and those of us for whom this book is organized, detailed shop talk with tons of new insights. Great review. Thank you!
+Ronnie Bincer hey I learned how to do this stuff from the best ;) To that end, outstanding job with the technical aspects of it, I could hear your voice in some of the passages.
+Stephan Hovnanian it is an honor to be part of it... thanks for the comment and 'hearing my voice' when reading. That's cool.
+Stephan Hovnanian just waking up to this on my Saturday. It is an inspired use of the technology to actually show its versatility. And I am really so glad the book resonated so much with you. 
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