Training your audience

Great perspective from +David Kutcher that boils down to three words: train your audience.

And that's not a mean thing to say, you want to become known for something (whatever that is), so put it out there. 

You can't put pics of cats, redheads, and landscapes out there day in and day out, the complain that you have 60K followers but nobody hiring you for business consulting. Why would they? You're the guy handing out free eye candy.

Social proof has its place, as an entry point. Once someone is exposed to your POV, now it's your job to teach them there's more to you than that pretty picture you just shared. Now it's time to give them the meat and potatoes.
When chasing Social Proof metrics waylays your Audience Development and Sales Strategy

Social Proof is an addictive thing. There is something warming about publishing a piece of content that gets tons of social shares, pluses, likes, atta-boys, etc. etc.

It's so addictive you do it again.

And again.

And again.

Sure, you're getting people to come to your website for this content that you're producing, even getting them to sign up for your newsletter and other goodies.

But are any of them buying your services?

That's the problem. Your addiction to social proof is destroying your sales funnel, while at the same time giving you a misleading sense of progress.

You see all of that traffic and think "I'm #winning !"

You see all of those newsletter signups and think "I'm #reallywinning !"

Then you look at your contracts signed this month and think "That'll pick up once I hit my stride!"

Don't get addicted to social proof. Get addicted to winning customers and clients.

This #PSA  was inspired by +Stephan Hovnanian's brilliant post on EGNs: 
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