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Grow your business through email marketing

Learn more here:

The notion of "batch and blast" or "spray and pray" email marketing is dead, plain and simple. If you truly want to drive business growth through the inbox, you need to execute strategies that use segmentation, triggers, marketing automation, conversion optimization, and intelligent analytics.

So if you need to grow your business, and have an email list, head to this nifty new web page to learn about how my company can take you to the next level

Most services run north of $1,200 one-time, or $600/mo. But I do have some intro-level packaging available like consults and strategy sessions.

#emailmarketing   #marketingautomation   #email   #b2b   #salesautomation   #saas   #marketingstrategy  
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Hi Stephan how are you doing? 
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Stephan Hovnanian

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Hotjar is COOOOOOOL!

We implemented, a heat mapping and visitor tracking tool, on a client site to learn more about the visitors before investing in a new site, content marketing, app integrations, etc. 

Been tracking some insights for two weeks, so today it made sense to see what we can learn.

First off, their onboarding email series is fantastic. Their software is super-easy to use, but like anything with analytics, applying the intelligence you're gathering is where the real hard work lies. Their onboarding series walks you through the product features ( but in a way that explains what to expect and how to make sense of it. Much of what I've read so far has been fueled by customer feedback (also brilliant on their part).

Now to the photo below, which I swear wasn't a printout that my kid scribbled on. This is a recording of a visitor's mouse movements, so we can learn how they interact with the site, and maybe where they're having trouble understanding what to do. Watch the full recording here, it's hilarious:

This is so neat. So is the heat map.

#conversionoptimization   #cro  
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+Stephan Hovnanian print it out? You mean like on "paper"? Does that still exist? Lol
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Stephan Hovnanian

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Your Online Marketing T.E.A.M.

The acronym TEAM stands for Together Everyone Achieves More. If you consider your various online channels as people (  then it becomes obvious how far your business can grow by getting each channel to work together.

Had a chance to talk about this with +Britt Michaelian on her +Mass Amplify podcast. Enjoy:

PS - been working on a new web presence that is really starting to come together. Gotta practice what I preach, can't wait to share it with everyone.
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+Yifat Cohen Hi !!! Again ...
A "unit" is only good as it's parts !!!
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Stephan Hovnanian

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Looks like it's time to de-list my Pro Tips books... Enough has changed that they won't provide value to the readers anymore.

But the way I read +Bradley Horowitz​'s statement, this isn't the death of G+ by any means, just a clean up to make all their products easier to use. I still believe sharing and networking on G+ will fuel the interest graphs that help with personalized search.

h/t +Mark Traphagen​ and +Peggy K
Everything in Its Right Place

It’s been a little more than a quarter since I took on leadership of a newly formed team, which we’ve christened SPS: Streams, Photos, and Sharing.

In that short time, I’ve had some time to reflect on the products we’ve built over the last few years, and also the opportunity to oversee the launch of our new Google Photos product. I’ve concluded that it’s time for a “pivot”... or more precisely time to talk more openly about a pivot that’s been underway for some time (and in fact is reflected in the name of the new team). We're going to continue focusing Google+ on helping users connect around the interest they love, and retire it as the mechanism by which people share and engage within other Google products.

Four years ago when we conceived of the “Google+ Project”, we made it clear that our goals were always two-fold: Google+ aspired to be both a “platform layer that unified Google’s sharing models”, and a product / stream / app in its own right.

This was a well-intentioned goal, but as realized it led to some product experiences that users sometimes found confusing. For instance, and perhaps most controversially, integration with YouTube implied that leaving a comment on YouTube (something users had obviously been doing successfully for years) suddenly and unexpectedly required “joining Google+.”

We decided it’s time to fix this, not only in YouTube, but across a user’s entire experience at Google. We want to formally retire the notion that a Google+ membership is required for anything at Google… other than using Google+ itself.  

Some of the consequences of this shift in thinking have already been deployed. Others we’re rolling out as fast as possible (e.g. the changes to YouTube we referenced today). And many more will roll out over the rest of the year.

What does this mean for Google+ the product? Relieved of the notion of integrating with every other product at Google, Google+ can now focus on doing what it’s already doing quite well: helping millions of users around the world connect around the interest they love. Aspects of the product that don’t serve this agenda have been, or will be, retired. But you’ll also see a slew of improvements that make this use case shine (like the recent launch of Collections -

It’s been incredibly gratifying to see how this strategy has played out as realized in the recent Google Photos launch, a product which in many ways embodies and telegraphs the changes discussed above. Google Photos not only doesn’t require a Google+ account, but as much of the functionality as possible doesn’t even require an account at all. It was important to me that when we launched Google Photos, we stressed the product implements sharing by any means a user prefers… without compromise or agenda. This is the right thing for users and the feedback and usage has been extremely validating.

I’m excited to share this strategy with the world, excited about what it means for Google+, and most of all for all of Google’s users.
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I'm really disappointed about this. I really like the way everything I need and use is integrated. One profile and all the tools I could possibly want connected to it. This has put a bit of a hump in my plans with Google+ and YouTube.
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Stephan Hovnanian

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Read this, you'll thank me later

I could gush about how on point this piece from +Jay Acunzo is, how it not only identifies a big issue with marketing but also gives you specific ways to overcome that issue, or pull out some really slick quotes like "You are still in a conference room and your customer is not!"

Or you could just click through and improve your marketing 10-fold.
I used to think that the very best marketers and startup founders (the stars of the two movies that make up my professional life) were the very best at identifying problems. That's what made them so special and so effective. That makes reasonable sense, right? You have to be really adept at noticing when something is broken in order to build great solutions, whether those are marketing touchpoints (proper messaging, tone of voice, ed...
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Glad I got to read this, +Stephan Hovnanian. Thanks!
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Stephan Hovnanian

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Customer Service Stock Photo Girl Fed Up With Being Profiled
...and lets her feelings get the best of her on unsuspecting complainers' social media posts.

Enjoy :)
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Stephan Hovnanian

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Pics or it didn't happen! Got to meet my good friend +MaAnna Stephenson​​ today in Nashville, we were having such a good time chatting and touring the city we literally had to pull over and snap a pic before I had to head back to the conference I'm at.
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Stephan Hovnanian

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What was the highlight of your week?
Grab a cold one and let's toast to another week of job well done ...cheers!

Me? Made serious progress on some important projects, did a lot of business development, AND folded the sheets 😎

And for all your beer snobs who are like I'm not grabbing a Miller High Life just remember this is a picture, not the real thing ;)
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Resolved some client issues snd closed the office for a summer break.
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Stephan Hovnanian

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Marketing shirts to hipsters? Add a beard for higher conversion!

This, and 12 other takeaways from +Unbounce 's Conversion Road Trip in Boston to help you add immediate growth to the quality of leads coming through your marketing campaigns.

The Unbounce team was also kind enough to feature this recap as part of a monster round-up of all four cities (get the decks, notes, and blog posts all in one spot) right here:

#conversionoptimization   #cro   #leadgen   #videomarketing   #emailmarketing   #ppc   #landingpages  
Easy to implement, these takeaways from the Unbounce Road Trip in Boston will make a big impact on conversion.
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+Stephan Hovnanian that's true. However,  it's hard to choose. Some of them are really high priced, others have poor designs, or targeting options. Normally, marketers don't want to make their strategies annoying, so targeting option can be one way to sort the toolbelt. You can read more here, for example: 
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Stephan Hovnanian

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Golden sky panoramic

Shot this in an arc from one side of my yard to the other, kinda cool right?
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Very cool +Stephan Hovnanian 
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Stephan Hovnanian

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Should be an incredible webinar for anyone involved with selling stuff online. 

Congrats +Lany Sullivan on putting this webinar together!
What would happen to your business if you were able to drive 250,000 hits to your website between now and the end of 2015? 

Every business owner wants more highly targeted traffic that CONVERTS.

This Tuesday, +Ralf Kaiser and myself are hosting a FREE webinar specifically designed to help business owners understand how Dynamic Search Engine Targeting will help their business grow.

In this webinar you will learn:

1. What Dynamic Search Engine Targeting is
2. How it is different from traditional PPC/Adwords
3. How it is different from SEO
4. How this strategy can jump start your visibility and increase your sales

Event Details:
Tuesday, July 28th
1pm PST / 4pm EST
Register for free here:
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Thanks! +Stephan Hovnanian I'm really excited about it. 
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Stephan Hovnanian

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Every city needs this! Bring Your Own Beer + Make Your Own Horsepower
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+ED SWARD on the sidewalk taking the picture!
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Email marketing, web strategy, content marketing, conversion optimization
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I own Shovi Websites, a web and email marketing company located outside Boston. The company has been in business since 2000, and works best with companies whose products and services have a lot to offer, but who can't seem to connect with their customers and gain market share.

Overcoming these challenges is easy, philosophically: take what's going on inside the company (sales, support, product, process) and put it out there online in a way that shows your ideal customer that you want them to succeed using your products and services. Executing on those strategies, though, becomes a balancing act in brand voice, outstanding writing, using social properly, conversion optimization, and SEO. All of which will make your head spin if you don't hire a company who does this everyday and understands the nuances and changes of online marketing, and how to continue to stay relevant.

Want to learn more about what I can do for you? Send me an email to and we'll set up a free 15-20 minute chat.

Google Plus Strategy 
If you need the expertise of not only an experienced, active Google Plus user, but also someone who understands marketing, web strategy, and how all this works together with your company's Google+ presence, consider hiring me to build you a focused, customized Google+ Strategy.

I am also the author of the Google+ Pro Tips series of ebooks, available on Kindle. You should check these out if you want to ramp up your Google+ return on investment.

Need something free? 
Also be sure to watch Google+ Business Spotlight, my weekly Hangout on Air show (Wednesdays, 12:30pm ET) that talks about how real businesses are using Google+. 
  • Steady Demand's Brand Page Audit (checks connections between your G+ page and your website for free, an absolute must for any new business page)
  • Steady Demand Pro (tracks performance of your profile, business page, and up to 3 competitors or prospects, use code BRANDMANAGER for 20% off for life)
  • Circloscope (bulk circle management Chrome extension)
  • NOD3X (social listening and network analysis)
  • CircleCount (free personal Google+ monitoring)


You'll want to put me in circles that relate to
  • Google Plus tips & techniques
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  • business and entrepreneurship
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What I will share here on Google Plus:

  • Google Plus strategies, tips and techniques
  • Good email marketing content from people who know what they're talking about.
  • Microbusiness challenges when it comes to making the most of their web presence.
  • News about me or my company.
  • The occasional personal quip or observation.

One more running list of posts I refer to frequently:

Bragging rights
I'm the favorite son, right Mom?
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One of our favorite places to go for tapas and quality Spanish food. Baby lamb chops in apricot glaze, and paella Valenciano never disappoint. Their fries are pretty amazing too #justsayin
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I've had few things more delicious than their cheddar and chive biscuits. Totally worth the guilt. 4 stars instead of 5 because I felt it was a tiny bit pricey, but ambiance, service, and our food was very good.
Public - 2 weeks ago
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My go-to place for business lunches and special family dinners... Because... Desserts :)
Public - 2 weeks ago
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Pulling up, I didn't know what to expect. Inside, I was greeted by Ken, the owner, and his extensive knowledge of wine from around the world, as well as a collection of over 800 corkscrews. Fantastic experience and an excellent store for that special bottle
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14 reviews
My wife and I had a pair of chicken tacos and carnitas tacos, both were amazing and, despite being next to hotel we were staying at, we kind of wished we'd found this place sooner.
Public - 2 weeks ago
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My wife and I had a delightful time here. The inn was immaculate, the staff friendly, and the surrounding area a great place for a weekend getaway.
Public - 2 months ago
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Mark and his team did a great job on a recent campaign I participated in, fulfilling my order quickly and professionally. He knows this business and is on the top of my list to call for my next project.
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