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Sales blog or Marketing blog? Which does your site have?

In 2010 when I last redesigned +Shovi Websites the premise behind our "blog" wasn't to have a blog at all, it was to have evergreen content that we could use to support our sales process.

Five years later the premise still holds up, but my writing is light years better, we have much stronger stories to tell, and examples to share. So while the next iteration of our company's web presence is being built, I pose this same challenge to you to think about how your content and blog strategy supports sales.

This article below might help, and so can I if you ask :)

#blogging   #marketingstrategy   #webstrategy  
You have a business to run, but experts say you need to blog. Learn how to create a strategy that lets you do both.
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And of course, you can have both, and neither is more "right" than the other. 
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Stephan Hovnanian

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It's time to test an exit pop-up

...and three other meaningful tests you can run immediately on your landing pages (or your most popular blog posts) to earn you more conversions.

Speaking of exit pop-ups, let this site's appear after you read the article, then spend a second or two thinking about how +Talia Wolf implemented her own suggestions directly into that piece. 


#conversionoptimization   #landingpages   #cro  
Looking for interesting AB test ideas? Get 4 meaningful AB test ideas you can run on your landing pages and actually learn from
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A really sound article and a great share +Stephan Hovnanian  - and that exit pop-up does work really well!
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Stephan Hovnanian

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Good morning!

It's another beautiful day for coffee on the front porch, literally :) What's on your agenda today, anything exciting?
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Honored and humbled, +Debi Stangeland​, congrats on your book launch!
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Stephan Hovnanian

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Learn about landing pages from the front row

The folks at have a section devoted to landing page critiques. I make it a point to visit every day to see if there are any landing pages I can offer constructive feedback on ( , but in the meantime, have found myself learning a ton from other experienced CRO professionals.

Definitely make this one of your learning destinations.

#conversionoptimization   #landingpages  
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I'm spoiled, don't like the format.  Good information though. +Stephan Hovnanian 
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Stephan Hovnanian

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This morning's coffee makes a great backdrop for an inspirational quote.

I really couldn't help myself when I shot this pic, it was just aching to poke a little fun at all those inspirational quote graphics that we see on social. So there you go.

More importantly, how's everybody doing? And what's this about the year being half over?!?! Are those goals being met? Mine are, little by little.

#coffee #inspiration #quotes
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Stephan Hovnanian

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(Mini-Study) Optimizing Your Email "Drip" Series

Two things about marketing automation are awesome: the fact you can create a series of emails and tasks to assist you with your marketing campaigns, and the fact that you can use the data from that series of emails and tasks to identify soft spots.

In this article, I took a look at the results from an email series we build for a client to see if there were any spots to improve. And there were.

Data driven decisions are only the first step, though, as you'll see below. It's still vital that your marketing team take into account the entire context and experience of the campaign you're analyzing, or you could be optimizing for the wrong thing.

#emailmarketing   #marketingautomation   #conversionoptimization  
If you're sending tips in an email series, make sure you give your leads enough time to digest them. Here's how to check if you're overwhelming them.
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+Mary Iannotti my guess was overwhelm, not boredom, evidenced by the fact the rest of the series still had a very respectable open rate.

The action steps were typically to call or click, one or the other was given focus in each email. We didn't want to give people too many choices.
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Stephan Hovnanian

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Don't use 7 words when 4 will do

My favorite line from Ocean's Eleven, and totally appropriate for Copywriting Mistake #3 in this article. 

The next time you receive one of those ridiculously long "cold call" emails, reply and send them this article.
Do your cold emails start sparkling warm conversations or are they full of these copywriting mistakes that make you look stupid?
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Ha! Awesome title, +Bill Gassett​
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Stephan Hovnanian

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Relevance, in perfect context
If you’re all about what, your career may have a very short horizon, replaced by automation in the near future; but if you’re someone who knows how and can help others learn how, then you won’t be going away, either. +Kimberly Alexandre 

This thought cuts to the core of relevance when it comes to the people we follow and connect with on social media. And in the perfect twist of relevance, I'm sharing it as I dump nearly all the marketing blogs I follow and load up on sales, automation, and conversion optimization. 

Digital capabilities aren’t going away; on the contrary, they will keep expanding. Here's how to remain relevant in a word of automation.
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Absolutely love and appreciate this approach, +Stephan Hovnanian! Nicely said, +Kimberly Alexandre!
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Stephan Hovnanian

commented on a video on YouTube.
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I want you to.....

I can't take credit for the conversion tip I shared at 7:00 in this video for button text on your forms, but it seemed to really resonate with everyone who watched. +Lany Sullivan always seems to get me to share those top-secret nuggets.

The rest of the interview talked about the mechanics, pros, and cons behind linking to the downloadable behind your landing pages. Then, once that is all set up, we spent some time discussing how you can monitor or test the impact of your delivery method, to make sure the people signing up to receive it are getting the best experience possible.

Thanks again Lany and +ReachConnectUpliftWomen for the opportunity to share these tips with your community.

#conversionoptimization   #emailmarketing   #landingpages
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+Gina Fiedel Ha! It's totally ok. I'm meant to be in the background and highlight our awesome guests. 
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Stephan Hovnanian

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In this post, +David Amerland​ articulates how G+ has enabled so many of us to grow personally and professionally. This shift in how we connect with others online is only just beginning to permeate the cultures of other networks, both offline and online.

Consider yourself ahead of the game ;)
Why I am on G+ so much

I had to explain to a corporate colleague, yesterday, why I spend so much time and energy on G+ engaging and interacting, putting up original content (when my website should be really benefiting from it) and sharing a lot of original information and insights (which should logically be kept for my books which bring me money.) 

It was a fair question which became the initiation point for a long discussion into which were also drawn his line manager and the company's Corporate Communications expert. 

I had to delve deep into my own motivations in order to actually make sense to people who don't use G+ and see social networks only as a marketing tool. As the discussion evolved I used their Whiteboard to sketch a few connections and relationships. I began to explain that there is a high level or reciprocity within G+ that is not evidenced in Twitter or even Facebook despite the fact that the latter is mostly close friends and family.

Once I started to look at it through the prism of Trust (which is the subject of an upcoming book which has me buried in research as well as writing) things began to fall into place.

What's more, the usual 'soft' platitudes of making friends with people you have never met and actually trusting them, suddenly began to make more sense.

Everything here is a contract of sorts, running on Transactional Trust and governed by the Reciprocity Response ( Transactional Trust, in turn, is made up of three other different types of trust, each of which has its own key points.

Not only does this help all of us interact in ways which provide mutual gains but it allows us to interact with different people, differently, calculate 'trust' differently for everyone and differently for each situation while still understanding that it is trust we use. 

Trust is the key ingredient in establishing and strengthening connections between individuals which then begin to figure into such other concepts as identity, self-worth and the establishment of one's presence. In semantic search trust is the key value ascribed in the interaction and engagement between Entities. 

When I got home my Whiteboard doodle became the diagram you see below. Have one awesome Saturday. :) 
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Indeed :)
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Stephan Hovnanian

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How +Unbounce​ uses their own landing page product

Detailed breakdown of their process, plus a list of their own best templates that we can use for inspiration.

Love the transparency, guys.
How we practice what we preach. ;)

#landingpages   #marketing   #startups   #saas   #marketingstrategy  
How Unbounce Uses Unbounce. If you follow Inside Unbounce, you know we talk a lot. We go on about our numbers, hiring, tech, events, company-related stuff, dogs, Space Jam…you name it. But if there's one thing we should probably talk about more, it's how Unbounce uses the Unbounce Landing Page ...
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Does your landing page tell me what I'm getting?
and then, do you deliver on it?

The basic components of a lead-gen piece are marketing campaign > landing page > deliverable > follow up. Within each there are nuances and sub-steps to optimize the experience for the people you are trying to attract.

The deliverable step is one of those tricky areas where you can lose a lot of trust. Take the jump for some options on how do deliver what you promised the visitor on your landing page, my thoughts on each, and some tests you can run to see which is the best fit for your offer.

#conversionoptimization   #landingpage   #emailmarketing   #inboundmarketing  
What's the best way to deliver the goods after your landing page collects an email address? Here are four options and tests you can run.
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+Ev Eric well, yeah, there's that ;)
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Google Plus Strategy 
If you need the expertise of not only an experienced, active Google Plus user, but also someone who understands marketing, web strategy, and how all this works together with your company's Google+ presence, consider hiring me to build you a focused, customized Google+ Strategy.

I am also the author of the Google+ Pro Tips series of ebooks, available on Kindle. You should check these out if you want to ramp up your Google+ return on investment.

Need something free? 
Also be sure to watch Google+ Business Spotlight, my weekly Hangout on Air show (Wednesdays, 12:30pm ET) that talks about how real businesses are using Google+. 
  • Steady Demand's Brand Page Audit (checks connections between your G+ page and your website for free, an absolute must for any new business page)
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About me:
I own Shovi Websites, a website design and email marketing company located outside Boston. The company has been in business since 2000. We build custom websites, semi-custom WordPress sites, provide hosting, website management, and email marketing services. Our target client is the small firm who realizes the importance of a solid online presence, but doesn't have the experience or in-house staff to handle the day-to-day.

Our mission is to provide tools and experience to small businesses and organizations otherwise accessible only to big-budget firms that can hire agencies. But if you are working with an agency, we can make sure their efforts are translated properly to your online presence.

In other words, I leverage the fact that I spend my days managing websites and staying up to speed with all the latest trends across the web so you don't have to.

Once I've digested what's out there, I'll relay it to you in a way that works more appropriately for your particular situation, your goals, and yes, your limitations.

Because at the end of the day, I believe your website is the most important part of your company's digital presence, and it needs to be performing at as high a level as possible. We help you do that while you run your business.


You'll want to put me in circles that relate to
  • Google Plus tips & techniques
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What I will share here on Google Plus:

  • Google Plus strategies, tips and techniques
  • Good email marketing content from people who know what they're talking about.
  • Microbusiness challenges when it comes to making the most of their web presence.
  • News about me or my company.
  • The occasional personal quip or observation.

One more running list of posts I refer to frequently:

Bragging rights
I'm the favorite son, right Mom?
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My wife and I had a delightful time here. The inn was immaculate, the staff friendly, and the surrounding area a great place for a weekend getaway.
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Pulling up, I didn't know what to expect. Inside, I was greeted by Ken, the owner, and his extensive knowledge of wine from around the world, as well as a collection of over 800 corkscrews. Fantastic experience and an excellent store for that special bottle
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This place was awesome. Great price, fun experience especially for a family movie outing.
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A refreshingly awesome take on fish. One of my favorite restaurants.
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10 reviews
Mark and his team did a great job on a recent campaign I participated in, fulfilling my order quickly and professionally. He knows this business and is on the top of my list to call for my next project.
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Shelburne Farm has become an annual family tradition; we enjoy the friendly staff, hot cider doughnuts, and of course, building memories as we pick apples. Give a call or check their website to make sure they have your favorite types of apples ready to be picked! Oh, and go at off-peak times if you can, the weekends are chaos.
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I enjoy the fact there is a locally owned hardware store in the center of my town. What I do not enjoy is how they take advantage of this with consistently higher prices than other area hardware stores. Otherwise it is a clean store with helpful staff.
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