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My daughter's 2nd grade teacher must have been browsing Google+ when she was creating tonight's homework. #justsaying #funny #gif
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I think it's auto-complete. Ha
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YouTube Deep Dive #2 
Another awesome installment from +Sheryl Loch and +ReachConnectUpliftWomen. Dig in, and take notes. We had a lot to talk about on the first part of this discussion ( so revisit if you need to. I've learned a ton from Sheryl, and am seeing results.
You ask for it and we got it!

Part 2 of Common Mistakes YouTubers Make is live!

After part 1 was released, people were waiting on the edge of their seats wanting part 2 and the wait is over.

+ReachConnectUpliftWomen have +Sheryl Loch back for round 2 of YouTube Mistakes!

+Lany Sullivan & +Jessica Dewell want to know why Playlist are important for your YouTube Channel. Can’t we just have our videos all Willy Nilly?

Oh and we get another chance to find out if we should use hashtags in any of our video meta data. If you have any doubts about using hashtags, ask Jessica what she thinks. ;-}

And why should we brand or watermark our videos? Aren’t we so special that everyone should just know they are ours?

Now that we have that covered, let’s find out about video intros. You may not like this, but it seems most people don’t care about you or your long intros. They want INFO not INTROS!

Wow, we have covered a lot and still have more!

What about annotations, are you using them right; Are you overloading your video with too many?

And pretty much last, but not least you have to promote those videos! Yes you heard it here, your videos will not magically appear in front of people. You have to give them a push! The right push at the right time!

Now, if this seems like a lot of things for your checklist, you may want to take some notes and also checkout the timestamps on the video description under the video on YouTube.

We also link to the other videos mentioned, like the Email Marketing Tips by +Stephan Hovnanian.

Be sure to let us know what your favorite part of this video is. Did you have an Oh Wow moment, we want to know!
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+Stephan Hovnanian, that is the thing, I don't think people are necessarily doing so many things wrong as they are just not doing them for the best interest of the viewers and that results in less viewers clicking and watching.

Give the viewers what they want and then they will be more interested in YOU as a person or brand.

I just mentioned on another comment that was talking about thumbnails - put your branding 2nd to the click. If you don't have a large following, then you/brand is not important you have to get peoples attention and give them good info before they even give a hoot about you/brand.
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Stephan Hovnanian

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Reminder: if you cancel a service, any service, ask for your customer data to be expunged. Especially if you're in a free trial period.

If the company is ever hacked your info could still be compromised even if you no longer have an account. Now, you may not be successful with your request but it's worth asking and/or qualifying how long the company keeps records of canceled customers in their database.
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Great tip! +Stephan Hovnanian 
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Designing a survey today, these are fun, but tricky to get right so you collect quality data that helps you answer the questions you need answered for your business. A big thanks to my Strategic Marketing professor at Rutgers for drilling this into our heads. One of my favorite MBA classes hands down.
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+Mary Iannotti indeed, good idea
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Great idea +kara wood
TIP OF THE WEEK - for Security Purposes!

 If you do not want to keep a credit card on file to buy apps for your phone or tablet, you can purchase gift cards from major retailers for the Google Play store, Microsoft’s Windows and Xbox Store and Apple’s App Store. You can then redeem the cards for credit in the online store.
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+WITH HAMAYON good idea as well
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TUFD (The Ugly First Draft)

In +Ann Handley 's Everybody Writes she talks about this, and I just did it. Came up with an extremely dense article about email testing and automation, but after chewing on it (and with a little peer review from other analytics guys like +David Kutcher, thanks buddy), we've come up with another way to explain the same concepts, but in more a more digestable format. I'll call this the fiber round of editing :)
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I find that if I write and let it set...then it never goes out. I think of a million things I either need to add or could explain 50 different ways...

Write and sling or don't waste time writing in the 1st place.
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Stephan Hovnanian

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In case you missed this... an article about Google+, posted on Google+ :)
[NEW] How to Use Google+ in YOUR Business

The tricky part of online how-to articles is who they're positioned to help. Is it the personal brand? The local business? The enterprise?

Not all marketing techniques or platform features are best suited for every type of business, and my latest includes advice that pulls from real examples and interviews of:

► Consultants, Coaches, Solopreneurs
► Local businesses
► SMB (small to medium sized business)
► Enterprise business

You'll also get a high-level view of how to Teach Google about your business using Google+ and How Google+ is a Content Marketing Toolbox from my contribution to the new book, Success Secrets of the Online Marketing Superstars.

Special thanks to everyone mentioned or cited in the article for their outstanding contribution to Google+ (in order of appearance):

+Stone Temple Consulting​​ +Steady Demand​​ +Kieren McGovern​​ +The Social Media Hat​​ +Laurie Laizure​​ +Interior Design Community​​ +Christina Blount Presnell​​ +David Amerland​​ +Mark Traphagen​​ +Denise Wakeman​​ +Lany Sullivan​​ +Ronnie Bincer​​ +David Kutcher​​ +Confluent Forms LLC​​ +Bill Gassett​​ +Bernard Katz Glass​​ Ltd​​ +MarketingProfs​​ +Black Lotus​​ +NOD3x​​ +Unbounce​​ +T-Mobile​​ 

How are you using Google+ for YOUR business?

#googleplus   #googleplustips   #localseo   #semanticsearch   #socialmediamarketing  
Businesses large and small should use Google+, but the reasons and features will vary. Let's break it down to pick what fits best for yours.
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+Gayatri Global Services glad to help!
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Have him in circles
36,230 people
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Google+ Pro Tip: Close the Loop
aka All Roads Lead Where I Want Them To

Do you ever have follow-up content to go with discussions you're having on Google+? For example, a Google+ Event, or video share, that has an accompanying blog post a couple days later?

Why not go back to those discussions and:
1) Update the original post to include the follow-up link (in case someone reshares it)
2) Leave a comment with the link so anybody in the discussion gets a notification.

BONUS: Close comments after you drop the link to the follow-up. This drives more activity to the new content even if someone were to find your G+ post after the fact, like in search.

It isn't sneaky, it's smart marketing ;)

#googleplus   #googleplustips  
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what you talking about steve? I am seeing Mia Voss behind you .... I will take it for her 
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Stephan Hovnanian

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"The magic happens not when you begin to get comments on your content, but when those people begin talking to one another." <- THIS

Fabulous and encouraging piece on building a community by +Gini Dietrich. I'd encourage community mod's and owners to pass this along as a reminder of why we do what we do, I know we can get bogged down fighting spam all day.

cc +martin shervington you'll appreciate this, PYB definitely walks the walk that Gini lays out in the post. Congrats chap :) And cc my Google Plus for Small Business mods +Ben Fisher +Marilyn Moore +Christine DeGraff & +John Dietrich 
To build a community or to not build a community? That is the question so many content marketers are asking themselves today. We stand firmly on the side of "JUST DO IT!" Here are some tips to make it worth your time.
There is a big debate about whether a business should build a community because of lack of ROI. If you follow the Gini Dietrich plan, it will drive sales.
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+Marilyn Moore yeah me too
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Stephan Hovnanian

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I've had two solid days of building out content and strategies to grow my business. Everything I'm creating has purpose either now or in the future. Feels so good.

The best part? A bottomless pit of ideas that are coming out of projects like my Get Smart About Email Marketing web series (, The Compete Guide to Creating an Opt-In Guide (, and even client questions.

It's music to my ears to see these things all starting to come together, hence the choice of photo (the bell of my saxophone, get it? Bottomless pit, music, yes?)
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+WITH HAMAYON I used +Unbounce​
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Stephan Hovnanian

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Conversion centered design
Today's conversion term of the day, as heard on +Unbounce​'s Call to Action podcast.

Lots of really good stuff jammed in here, give it a listen and tell me what you're using on your landing pages:
There’s a reason that so many conversion rate optimization “best practices” stem from the field of psychology. If you understand human behavior – the desires and motivations of your audience – then y
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+David Kutcher stroller syndrome
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Effective content marketing strategies use personas that don't suck

Good piece from +Michael Brenner that outlines the basic components of buyer personas and what to really focus on when you're creating them.

I'm going to add in something else, maybe more suitable for larger organizations but still important: account personas. These are different from the decision maker you're trying to reach with your content marketing, account personas look at the makeup of services various types of buyers will buy from you. 
I recently presented at a Content Marketing conference on the topic of content marketing personalization. I argued that personalized content was the key to
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Have him in circles
36,230 people
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Google Plus Strategy 
If you need the expertise of not only an experienced, active Google Plus user, but also someone who understands marketing, web strategy, and how all this works together with your company's Google+ presence, consider hiring me to build you a focused, customized Google+ Strategy.

I am also the author of the Google+ Pro Tips series of ebooks, available on Kindle. You should check these out if you want to ramp up your Google+ return on investment.

Need something free? 
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About me:
I own Shovi Websites, a website design and email marketing company located outside Boston. The company has been in business since 2000. We build custom websites, semi-custom WordPress sites, provide hosting, website management, and email marketing services. Our target client is the small firm who realizes the importance of a solid online presence, but doesn't have the experience or in-house staff to handle the day-to-day.

Our mission is to provide tools and experience to small businesses and organizations otherwise accessible only to big-budget firms that can hire agencies. But if you are working with an agency, we can make sure their efforts are translated properly to your online presence.

In other words, I leverage the fact that I spend my days managing websites and staying up to speed with all the latest trends across the web so you don't have to.

Once I've digested what's out there, I'll relay it to you in a way that works more appropriately for your particular situation, your goals, and yes, your limitations.

Because at the end of the day, I believe your website is the most important part of your company's digital presence, and it needs to be performing at as high a level as possible. We help you do that while you run your business.


You'll want to put me in circles that relate to
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What I will share here on Google Plus:

  • Google Plus strategies, tips and techniques
  • Good email marketing content from people who know what they're talking about.
  • Microbusiness challenges when it comes to making the most of their web presence.
  • News about me or my company.
  • The occasional personal quip or observation.

One more running list of posts I refer to frequently:

Bragging rights
I'm the favorite son, right Mom?
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Mark and his team did a great job on a recent campaign I participated in, fulfilling my order quickly and professionally. He knows this business and is on the top of my list to call for my next project.
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This place was awesome. Great price, fun experience especially for a family movie outing.
Public - 3 months ago
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A refreshingly awesome take on fish. One of my favorite restaurants.
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Great place. Good bar food, a step up from the usual fried junk. Finally the right use for this location.
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Shelburne Farm has become an annual family tradition; we enjoy the friendly staff, hot cider doughnuts, and of course, building memories as we pick apples. Give a call or check their website to make sure they have your favorite types of apples ready to be picked! Oh, and go at off-peak times if you can, the weekends are chaos.
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I enjoy the fact there is a locally owned hardware store in the center of my town. What I do not enjoy is how they take advantage of this with consistently higher prices than other area hardware stores. Otherwise it is a clean store with helpful staff.
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I have hired LabWorkz multiple times for WordPress and video training services. Gary and his team are professional, fast, and stand by their work. Couldn't ask for anything better in a resource for my business! The latest site I hired them to build was a fast-moving project and Gary delivered...big time.
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