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A simple way to make it easier for brand champions to share content

In an age where we'll take any edge we can get to put more eyeballs on our content, enlisting the help of brand and employee advocates seems to be a powerful, trust-building channel.

Until it isn't, because marketers and corporates in suits decide to control the message being shared a little too much. Participation and enthusiasm wanes, leaving the advocate's network wondering if that company they were so proud of isn't one they should be proud of anymore.

Now, for those of you veterans on Google+, this concept is not new, although it's been definitely spun in a different direction in my latest blog post about brand voice, and how the right one makes sure your advocates continue to attract the most trusted eyeballs possible on your content.
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+Alexandra Riecke-Gonzales thanks!! I think I need to make a pull quote graphic out of that
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Stephan Hovnanian

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NEW: Alternatives to group emails and Bcc:'s
My latest article for Bambu by Sprout Social.

Get rid of the team@ email address in favor of this smarter approach to internal comms. And cut out 21 different types of emails in the process!

Internal emails are often lost or forgotten in employees' inboxes, which is why you need a broadcasting tool to manage and curate your company's content.
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Stephan Hovnanian

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Just published: 8 ways to show your appreciation for your brand champions.

Swag, coupons, and other material things are only part of it. As a relationship grows you'll need to look for opportunities to keep it fresh and mutually beneficial.

Something for businesses of all sizes in here. Hope you get some ideas!
It's critical to locate and communicate with your customer advocates so you can continue to grow relationships down the line.
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Stephan Hovnanian

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All of this makes perfect sense. The question then becomes, as with any discussions that include Microsoft and LinkedIn, how well will they execute?

Honestly, I'm hopeful. As a B2B marketer the deal makes a ton of sense.
5 ways Microsoft's acquisition of LinkedIn could impact email users and email marketers.
Microsoft’s announced $26 billion acquisition of LinkedIn could affect email users and email marketers in these five ways.
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I posted the same conclusion. Stock market agreed with a 48% surge in stock value of LinkedIn yesterday. 
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Stephan Hovnanian

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In a twist of fate, I was reminded of this series of discussions by Facebook Memories. Of course, everything said, minus any specific technical instructions, is still true today as it was 3 years ago. Enjoy.
Posting, Sharing and the Character of YOU on Google Plus
Yesterday I posted a "teaser" image to a blog post I wrote for businesses to understand the various ways to post and share content on Google+. What transpired was in-depth discussion that traversed three amazing threads about character, writing and style that I hope you take the time to enjoy. I've paraphrased below, although I hardly do the 120+ comments justice. If you care at all about the type of person you want to portray here on Google+, these are worth a few minutes of your time.

To Share or Not to Share -
(original post by +Stephan Hovnanian
We talk about rewarding extra effort, developing a style that characterizes who you are on Google+, and how to still have casual, lighthearted discussions despite the perception that so much of Google+ is still business- and marketing-focused.

How Do You Show You 'Get it'? -
(thread started by +David Amerland about the post above)
Anything David writes typically raises my IQ 10 points, he's so masterful with the way he communicates, and this discussion was no different. Summarized, Others can see whether we care or not about the content we share and the picture we project, they can see whether we are invested or not and then they respond accordingly. Our behavior is an integral part of the platform dynamic, what makes it different, unique, special even.

If a post falls in a forest does it make a sound? It depends. Did anybody share it before it fell? -
(share by +Michael Bennett  of David's thread above)
Signal to noise was the common theme in this discussion, covering how we, as writers to an audience, have the ability to shape the role we play here on Google+ and within our blogs. 

And a special thank-you to +Nikolaos Bogioglou  for being awake, halfway across the world in Greece, when I shared this at 2am my time. Had he not shared it, David would not have picked it up, and Michael would not have reshared. That is the power of Google Plus.

Oh, and the post that started it all? The one in the link below? Yeah, it's probably worth a read too :) 
Some Google Plus users spread the word differently than others. A look at 3 ways to share, and which to use when.
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I remember these posts! And if I recall correctly, I may have even posted something with a play on the title of +Michael Bennett's post as part of a continuing conversation.
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Stephan Hovnanian

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How to use the UTMftw Chrome Extension

If you downloaded the UTMftw Chrome Extension last week, then you will definitely want to watch this second video with +David Kutcher on how to use the extension effectively to track your links.

Amazing how much information David and I can cram into 15 minutes!

Want more videos like this? Subscribe to RCUW
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I like
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Stephan Hovnanian

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Services to help run employee advocacy programs

I'm a big proponent of content marketing with a sales enablement focus (or value nurturing, if you're looking at it from the other side of the funnel).

But here's the rub: you can't create content like this until you've done the work, and walked in the shoes of your customer. Or at bare minimum, be able to empathize with their experience as it relates to your services.

Only then can you put stuff like the sales sheets below in front of them to move the proverbial needle.

(Side note: I'm so proud of how these turned out, we have an amazing design team at +Sprout Social​ and they totally captured my vision for these!)
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Stephan Hovnanian

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Normally I don't share other people's posts to this collection but +Vincent Messina​ brings up a good point about contextualizing things like feedback and strategy that's worth preserving.

The world needs purists. They are by definition pure. ;)

However, they can also be myopic failing to see the forest for the trees or the big picture. To them, every problem is a nail that needs a hammer.

The hammer is great. No one doubts that. Particularly those who need a nail driven. The hammer becomes problematic when in the short term, a simple tac will do.

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Stephan Hovnanian

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Pro tip: to prevent feedback from turning into judgment, get specific.

We've all had situations when we've asked colleagues for feedback on something, only to get some harsh criticisms in return that may even feel unwarranted.

Protect yourself against this by being specific in your request. It's the principal behind sites like

You can't ask for input without an expected outcome that the feedback will hone. In other words, instead of something like "could you give me feedback on my website?" you ask, "does my navigation menu seem too overwhelming?"

Thanks for listening.
Optimize the clarity of your designs by measuring people’s first impressions..
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This! I'm a believer, +Stephan Hovnanian ... Great way to avoid resentment and prevent information bloat.
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Stephan Hovnanian

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How to find brand advocates within your email list, plus what to do once you've found them.

My first blog post for Bambu by +Sprout Social​! 
Through an well-devised email scoring list, you can easily find your brand advocates who matter most to you.
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Stephan Hovnanian

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Tactical tips for financial institutions to build trust on social media using your employees

This guide provides insights on how to curate and position content for your employees to share on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, in a way that navigates the challenges of a compliance-heavy industry. 
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Stephan Hovnanian

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Good read
Jargon hides discomfort (but sometimes also lack of knowledge)

We tend to fall back on corporate buzzwords when we feel a need to demonstrate we're in control.

For me, I view "recontextualize" as the worst jargon of the last 20 years. That word alone signaled the imminent demise of the Dotcom era.
You can't "drill down" and "synergize" your way out of every work-related bind.
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One of our favorite places to go for tapas and quality Spanish food. Baby lamb chops in apricot glaze, and paella Valenciano never disappoint. Their fries are pretty amazing too #justsayin
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I've had few things more delicious than their cheddar and chive biscuits. Totally worth the guilt. 4 stars instead of 5 because I felt it was a tiny bit pricey, but ambiance, service, and our food was very good.
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My go-to place for business lunches and special family dinners... Because... Desserts :)
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Pulling up, I didn't know what to expect. Inside, I was greeted by Ken, the owner, and his extensive knowledge of wine from around the world, as well as a collection of over 800 corkscrews. Fantastic experience and an excellent store for that special bottle
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My wife and I had a pair of chicken tacos and carnitas tacos, both were amazing and, despite being next to hotel we were staying at, we kind of wished we'd found this place sooner.
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My wife and I had a delightful time here. The inn was immaculate, the staff friendly, and the surrounding area a great place for a weekend getaway.
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Mark and his team did a great job on a recent campaign I participated in, fulfilling my order quickly and professionally. He knows this business and is on the top of my list to call for my next project.
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