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If employee advocacy programs don’t grow with the needs of their employees, value will fizzle and participation will drop.

So, what can I recommend that sets companies up for success as their programs mature? Personas.
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How developing your workforce into thought leaders can create new opportunities for your company and how it can fill key holes in the content strategy for your employee advocacy program.
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Best practices and challenges for advocacy programs

Honored to have spent some time with an amazing couple, chatting about how to tactically engage your workforce. Enjoy!
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Create deeper and more profitable client relationships with advocacy services

Agencies have an opportunity to offer tremendous value to their clients through employee advocacy services. Many agencies already provide services aimed at helping their clients reach a new audience. Why not empower the client’s employees to help with initiatives like:

- Brand awareness and storytelling
- Increasing employee engagement
- Content amplification

And others. Take a dive into my latest blog post for a complete roadmap of how to build advocacy services into your service mix.
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Content Marketing Metrics That Matter
Came across this thread on about the "Top 3 metrics every content marketer should track". Had to weigh in after reading the responses because, well, they catered to the wannabe blogger superstar and had very little actionable insight to measurable business goals.

Since we're talking about content marketers, whose role is presumably to drive awareness, leads, and retention through the stuff they help put out online, I'd say the most important metrics circle around those three items.

Specifically, I'd look at:

Time between buying stages (if I'm doing my job, then it's getting easier to sell my product/service, and we're controlling more of the buying discussion because our customers are more educated by the time they reach us)

Half-life of content promotion via email, social, and paid ads (if I'm doing my job, then I'm building momentum across all three of those channels, sequentially, and it will take longer for that momentum to die down).

Customer Lifetime Value (if I'm doing my job, then our customers are finding more ways to be successful with our product/service, which means they're staying around longer and buying more from us).

Everything else is just inflating your self worth.
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Much thanks to the folks at for the chat about customer and employee advocacy.

We touched on the importance of internal sponsorship, creating win-win relationships, and helping your team members feel comfortable sharing news about the companies they love.

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Left this in a comment thread and felt it was worth preserving...thanks for listening.

There are things in life that we latch onto where the meaning of what's being said supersedes the voice of the person who said them.

And words have the wonderful ability to escape the context in which they were spoken and find a home in new context that's fit for the person using them.
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“Success in employee advocacy starts with delivering a relevant and valuable content experience for your employees.”

There's a ton of info in this article, based on a recap of a webinar my team and I did awhile back. Enjoy!
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Missed hanging out with us at B2B Marketing Forum?
No worries! Kerry O'Shea Gorgone interviewed some smart attendees and speakers for the #MarketingSmarts podcast. Listen in!

Some smarties you'll hear from:
+Douglas Burdett
+Steve Garfield
+Matthew T. Grant (the podcast's original host!)
+Stephan Hovnanian
+Scott Monty
+Christopher Penn

And SO many more! Hear snippets from so many smart people in this episode.

#mpb2b #marketingpodcasts #b2bmarketing
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Reimagining word of mouth marketing

In my latest for MarketingProfs, we look at the benefits of employee advocacy programs and how they're being used by companies to augment word of mouth marketing efforts.

There's stats on that stuff you can read in the article, but what's really juicy are the four key elements of a successful program that I share. Those tips come from the experiences I've had with our own customers at Bambu over the last six months.

I hope this opens up some ideas for your company.
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