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Stephan Hovnanian

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Content Marketing Metrics That Matter
Came across this thread on about the "Top 3 metrics every content marketer should track". Had to weigh in after reading the responses because, well, they catered to the wannabe blogger superstar and had very little actionable insight to measurable business goals.

Since we're talking about content marketers, whose role is presumably to drive awareness, leads, and retention through the stuff they help put out online, I'd say the most important metrics circle around those three items.

Specifically, I'd look at:

Time between buying stages (if I'm doing my job, then it's getting easier to sell my product/service, and we're controlling more of the buying discussion because our customers are more educated by the time they reach us)

Half-life of content promotion via email, social, and paid ads (if I'm doing my job, then I'm building momentum across all three of those channels, sequentially, and it will take longer for that momentum to die down).

Customer Lifetime Value (if I'm doing my job, then our customers are finding more ways to be successful with our product/service, which means they're staying around longer and buying more from us).

Everything else is just inflating your self worth.
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Off topic - All the best in 2017, +Stephan Hovnanian 
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Stephan Hovnanian

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Left this in a comment thread and felt it was worth preserving...thanks for listening.

There are things in life that we latch onto where the meaning of what's being said supersedes the voice of the person who said them.

And words have the wonderful ability to escape the context in which they were spoken and find a home in new context that's fit for the person using them.
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I read it just of recent ago,it is amazing. It worth preserving.
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Stephan Hovnanian

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Missed hanging out with us at B2B Marketing Forum?
No worries! Kerry O'Shea Gorgone interviewed some smart attendees and speakers for the #MarketingSmarts podcast. Listen in!

Some smarties you'll hear from:
+Douglas Burdett
+Steve Garfield
+Matthew T. Grant (the podcast's original host!)
+Stephan Hovnanian
+Scott Monty
+Christopher Penn

And SO many more! Hear snippets from so many smart people in this episode.

#mpb2b #marketingpodcasts #b2bmarketing
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Stephan Hovnanian

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Building brand reputation and trust in a social space

Had a chance to revisit this piece I contributed to on Entrepreneur's website, thanks to a gentleman on Twitter who found it useful.

Nearly 2 years later, the key points about brand reputation, engagement, and how it translates into subject matter authority online still hold true. I love how technology is catching up with the face-to-face ways of doing business in pre-Internet times, where gaming the system was much harder.

It'll be a struggle as new equilibrium is found, but in the end, I think we're all better off.
Learn how to leverage Google+ to build your subject-matter authority and master social media marketing.
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Stephan Hovnanian

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Business, Conversion, and Marketing insights for ecommerce

Honored to contribute to this guide from I shared ideas on how to approach email marketing in a way that helps businesses deliver more relevant content to their subscribers' inboxes.

My favorite line from our interview, "once you've lost relevance, you've lost the subscriber."
We've compiled the best advice offered by knowledgeable ecommerce experts in our Marketing chat series into one guide full of practical and effective strategies.
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Stephan Hovnanian

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"You're renting space on your employees' social profiles. Payment for that rent comes in the form of content that's relevant to them and their network. This reinforces the bond of trust that they've build with their networks"

Seems like that passage from my latest article about brand voice is hitting home for a lot of people.

I like it too, it reminds me of Google+ and the culture of sharing and authenticity that we've enjoyed here for so long.

It's a real issue though; when I work with our customers to curate content for their employees to share, I keep going back to the questions cited in the article:

Does this sound like me?
Will my friends and followers think it sounds like me?

If not, I rewrite it, because the only way to encourage more participation in a program like this is to be valuable...not just with the content, but with the level of effort required to amplify the content.

For more smart insights check out Sarah Goodall's take here:
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+David Amerland oops, went on vacation after promising a link to the next blog post, here it is...all about value
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Stephan Hovnanian

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Much thanks to the folks at for the chat about customer and employee advocacy.

We touched on the importance of internal sponsorship, creating win-win relationships, and helping your team members feel comfortable sharing news about the companies they love.

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Stephan Hovnanian

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“Success in employee advocacy starts with delivering a relevant and valuable content experience for your employees.”

There's a ton of info in this article, based on a recap of a webinar my team and I did awhile back. Enjoy!
In this webinar recap, we dive into different employee advocacy content strategy tips to get your brand's content in front of more eyes.
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Stephan Hovnanian

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Reimagining word of mouth marketing

In my latest for MarketingProfs, we look at the benefits of employee advocacy programs and how they're being used by companies to augment word of mouth marketing efforts.

There's stats on that stuff you can read in the article, but what's really juicy are the four key elements of a successful program that I share. Those tips come from the experiences I've had with our own customers at Bambu over the last six months.

I hope this opens up some ideas for your company.
Word-of-Mouth - Word-of-mouth marketing is not new, but companies are putting a new spin on it to help their marketing, sales, and recruiting: Instead of customers, employees are the ones spreading word ...
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Stephan Hovnanian

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Are you responsible for employee engagement? There's a content strategy for that.

We often think of content marketing and content strategy as outward-facing facets of a business.

- Company understands what's valuable to their audience,
- produces those objects of value,
- distributes them to said audience, and
- measures response and feedback against business outcomes.

But here's the thing: content marketing and content strategy aren't just outward-facing.

Larger companies face a big challenge of keeping employees in-the-know of company information that the employees will find valuable. Informed and engaged employees ultimately lead to inward-facing business outcomes like lower recruiting costs, stronger brand loyalty and morale, and increased productivity.

I encourage you to join me and my colleague Greg Tirico for a very informative webinar about content strategy for employee advocacy programs. I'll be sharing some insights from my internal research and hands-on involvement with content strategy for our customers.

Save your seat below, I'll see you then!
How to leverage content and employee advocates to improve internal communications and also gain thousands, if not millions, of free, trusted impressions.
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Stephan Hovnanian

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How to Create a Content Strategy That's Valuable to Your Employees

We are in an attention economy. There is a fixed amount of time in every day to which we can devote our attention. There are also an increasing number of entities vying for that attention: people, tasks, emails, notifications, apps, etc.

If both your employee advocacy program, and the platform through which you deliver it, is going to be attention worthy, it must provide something of value to the employee, and that value comes in the form of content.

Inside my latest article, I dive into how content affects sharing and adoption, you'll learn a lot here, I promise.
By using various types of content, you can increase employee engagement with the help of an employee advocacy platform to curate content.
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Stephan Hovnanian

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A simple way to make it easier for brand champions to share content

In an age where we'll take any edge we can get to put more eyeballs on our content, enlisting the help of brand and employee advocates seems to be a powerful, trust-building channel.

Until it isn't, because marketers and corporates in suits decide to control the message being shared a little too much. Participation and enthusiasm wanes, leaving the advocate's network wondering if that company they were so proud of isn't one they should be proud of anymore.

Now, for those of you veterans on Google+, this concept is not new, although it's been definitely spun in a different direction in my latest blog post about brand voice, and how the right one makes sure your advocates continue to attract the most trusted eyeballs possible on your content.
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+Alexandra Riecke-Gonzales thanks!! I think I need to make a pull quote graphic out of that
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Overcoming these challenges is easy, philosophically: take what's going on inside the company (sales, support, product, process) and put it out there online in a way that shows your ideal customer that you want them to succeed using your products and services. Executing on those strategies, though, becomes a balancing act in brand voice, outstanding writing, using social properly, conversion optimization, and SEO. All of which will make your head spin if you don't hire a company who does this everyday and understands the nuances and changes of online marketing, and how to continue to stay relevant.

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Bragging rights
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As time has gone on, the quality of the food and service has gone from great to "meh". So it's basically more inline with the price, but I do wish for the days when I felt I was getting tremendous value and an excellent experience. I don't think they've made any menu changes in years either (that says something in my book). Good choice for kids. Tons of fries (like an obscene amount), so feel free to ask for sautéed veggies instead. They come seasoned but you can ask them to not season them. FYI: they don't take reservations or call aheads, and the entire party has to be present to be seated.
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Outstanding service from Levi, and one of the most incredible salads you'll ever have (Seafood Cobb). My wife and I found our new favorite spot!
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I've had few things more delicious than their cheddar and chive biscuits. Totally worth the guilt. 4 stars instead of 5 because I felt it was a tiny bit pricey, but ambiance, service, and our food was very good.
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My go-to place for business lunches and special family dinners... Because... Desserts :)
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One of our favorite places to go for tapas and quality Spanish food. Baby lamb chops in apricot glaze, and paella Valenciano never disappoint. Their fries are pretty amazing too #justsayin
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My wife and I had a pair of chicken tacos and carnitas tacos, both were amazing and, despite being next to hotel we were staying at, we kind of wished we'd found this place sooner.
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My wife and I had a delightful time here. The inn was immaculate, the staff friendly, and the surrounding area a great place for a weekend getaway.
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