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Stephan Bollinger

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The new "10 From the Couch" is online, featuring beauty and celebrity photographer +Matthew Jordan Smith!

Watch it. Love it. Share it ;)

Part 1:
Part 2:
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+Stephen Knight, thank you so much for the feedback, I'm happy to hear you like it.
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Noah, date night and retanking of creative juices…
For us artists, private time is so important to refresh our creative minds. The daily split between running a business and trying to be a good dad doesn't allow for much free time, so the rare moments alone with my gorgeous wife are really important for me. Going out for dinner, watching a movie, having a great time. I love the movies especially, because it's entertainment, re-creation and also inspiration. Well, at least most of the times. Not so this weekend, watching "Noah" was a serious waste of time (and money).

NOAH: Aronofsky failed you!

I usually don't write any movie reviews, knowing that personal taste is such a fragile child and we all love different genres, directors and styles. In this case however I wish someone would have told me to give this film a miss.

Granted, some of the CGI elements in this film are cool, the hordes of animals arriving at the quite impressive looking ark look awesome, but that's where the film sadly ends. Director Aronofsky has shown his twisted, strange and dark view of the world in his previous movies "Black Swan" and "The Wrestler", but while it worked for such movies, turning Noah into a men hating (and possibly grand-daughter murdering) psycho doesn't quite work for me.

Of course, the movie is geared towards entertainment, and I guess you'd call it "creative freedom" to write a script that is quite far from original Biblical texts. Noah's three adult sons’ wives (as written in the bible) are replaced by one orphaned girl child in the film, and since Noah runs short on time to built the ark, some friendly "Lord of the Rings" kind of rock monsters do most of the heavy lifting/building for him. You could say, that's pushing creative freedom a bit, but hey, it's all in the name of entertainment. Unfortunately, even trying to be nice doesn't help, the film fails, not to mention that the constant stereotypical clichés in this film are seriously painful to watch.

Bottom line: Next time we'll go for dinner, a good glass of wine and a good conversation. Unless there's an amazing looking new movie out by then ;)
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gracias: por los comentarios de la peli seguire su recomendacion de ir a cenar por cierto Sr.bollinger exelente recomendaccion, un saludo.
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We're getting closer…
The start of the new season of "10 From The Couch" is only days away. In the meantime, you may want to watch our previous episode featuring +Jerry Ghionis, one of the worlds best wedding photographers:

To make sure you don't miss the upcoming new episode, subscribe to the channel and share the link with your friends.

#beauty #photographer #photography #youtube #free   #photographyshow #inspiration #tutorial #ideas #passion   #wedding #weddingphotographer  
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a profile picture is your best position 
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Stephan Bollinger

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In preparation to the start of the new series of interviews later this week, you might want to watch some of the previous episodes of "10 From The Couch". We had some incredibly talented photographers on the show! Let's start with +Trey Ratcliff, a brilliant mind, awesome photographer and all-round nice guy!

To not miss the release of the new episodes, subscribe to the channel, and while you're at it, why not share it with your friends ;)
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White skin colors of the rainbow is the foundation needed
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10 From The Couch…
We're in the final stage of production, and the new series of our photography show will start already next week! My first guest is the incredible beauty and celebrity photographer +Matthew Jordan Smith!

I hope you all enjoy a great weekend!

#beauty   #celebrity   #photographer   #photography   #youtube   #free   #photographyshow   #inspiration   #tutorial   #ideas   #passion   #toomanyhashtagsalready  
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I'm glad you see it the same way +Jeff Bond. Too often, people think that a "pro" must take better pictures, that is of course nonsense. Sometimes it's the case, sometimes it's not. "Pro" never means "better", it only means "paying mortgage and school fees with photography" (or at least trying to ;)
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Stephan Bollinger

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LOTS OF LOVE… photographically… for Easter!
We start the new season of interviews at "10 From The Couch" right in time for a relaxed watching over Easter!

Our first show with the incredible +Matthew Jordan Smith is now live on YouTube (make sure to watch it in HD)!

If you like it, please share the love (and video) ... ;)
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Thank you +Kyylaa JByran, same to you!
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Stephan Bollinger

commented on a video on YouTube.
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There's nothing else I could say to you +Karen Hutton and +Scott Kelby than THANK YOU. This was the most touching chat so far, and Scott: You rock man! Real. Honest. Awesome. Thank you so much!!
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Great chat! I got a lot out of it that I can use in my Videography projects. 
Thanks for sharing Stephan.
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Stephan Bollinger

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The CountDown continues…
Today's re-share is my conversation with our good friend +Colby Brown, the amazing landscape and humanitarian photographer, educator and world traveler ;)

The start of our new series of "10 From the Couch" is only days away, so if you don't want to miss any new episode, subscribe to the channel and share the link with your friends.
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if the sofa is best cleaned skin, the chenille upholstery
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Stephan Bollinger

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A great weekend is even better with great music. Enjoy!
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The Craftsman…
From a mini-series I shot in Singapore.

#singapore   #people   #streetlife   #photography  
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eziklerle uğraşamam.
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I'm a portrait photographer with a fashion taste, originally from Switzerland, now living and working in Queensland Australia.

Beside my work as a photographer, I teach photography workshops, write articles for a variety of publications, and produce the photography show 10 from the couch.

In the past, I made a living as singer and actor (in musicals, bands, and on tv), however over the years my love for photography won the battle between "in front - or - behind the camera".

My biggest talent:
To make people look and feel beautiful.

If you'd love to find out more about how "Models are made",
you might find this video interesting.

If I'm not on G+, you can find me here...

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