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Steph White

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A few URL's worth knowing here ..
Which website has access to my Google account? What does Google know about me? Where can I see ads that I've clicked on Google search?
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Have a great day
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Steph White

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Very cool website! Upload a photo and get a map of how to make it with #LEGO! 
Welcome! This site will turn a normal looking image into a (relatively) beautiful LEGO masterpiece. Just tweak your settings below and click generate. Select image. Yeah... Kinda important. No image, no LEGO for you! 3 MiB limit. File. Show sizes on image. Show building plates. Width/height ...
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Steph White

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Wow, thanks for including yours truly ;0)
The Cream of the Crop of November 2012

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Steph White

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[ #365project   #MacroMonday  by +Kerry Murphy +Jennifer Eden & +Kelli Seeger Kim  #BugsEveryDay  by +Chris Mallory

Soldier On Beetle
Common red soldier beetle (Rhagonycha fulva).

I had hoped to get all the way to Day 900 before I had to disappear, but time has got the better of me. Tomorrow I move house, a traumatic experience for anyone, but coupled with a limited physical state, I guess you could say I’m about on my knees!

I won’t be gone forever, just a week or two, but in the mean time The 365 Day Photo Project will have go on hold.

Wish me luck and see you when my broadband is once again up and running!!
from The 365 Day Photo Project
Steph White's profile photoKimberly Hosey's profile photoBosque Bill's profile photoChris Mallory's profile photo
Hope the move goes smoothly! As for the image, I like it. But is it mislabled? This is a wasp.
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Steph White

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[ #365project   #SpiderSunday  by +Kjetil Greger Pedersen +Chris Mallory & +Kimberly Hosey  #Macro4All  by +Walter Soestbergen

Looking More Closely At The European Garden Spider
A more detailed photo, and a larger example of the European Garden Spider (Araneus diadematus), than yesterday’s image. Her tiny spinnerets distributing threads of silk, as she repairs a tattered web.
from The 365 Day Photo Project
Kimberly Hosey's profile photoBosque Bill's profile photoSteph White's profile photo
+Bosque Bill Yes, I'd like to zoom in closer too! Thanks Bosque Bill ;0)
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Steph White

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The Lego Movie - official outtakes ;-) 
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Steph White

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Steph White

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Something a little different - Happy #NewYear2013  !
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Aww, thanks Margie ;0) Maybe I'll edit more with future photos..?!
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Steph White

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[ #365project   #MacroMonday  by +Kerry Murphy +Jennifer Eden & +Kelli Seeger Kim  #NatureMonday  by +Rolf Hicker & +Kate Church

A Princess Among Lillies
A princess lily (Alstoemeria). The depth of field used here, allows the viewer to look right into the heart of the lily.
from The 365 Day Photo Project
Pia Raben's profile photoSteph White's profile photoKimberly Hosey's profile photoDarla Hueske's profile photo
I've never heard of a princess lily. I love the colors, and your sharp sharp DOF is fantastic.
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Steph White

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[ #365project   #Macro4All  by +Walter Soestbergen  #BugsEveryDay  by +Chris Mallory

Every Which Way
A little European Garden Spider (Araneus diadematus), appears to have got herself in a bit of a pickle. She’s spun a single silken thread, emanating from each corner of her body, but what does she do now, is she stuck? 

Well no, the spider’s not stuck, she’s actually in the first stages of spinning a new web, the new silk strands are her guidelines or anchors, which she’ll use as a basis to build her new web. 

Quite amazing really, she doesn’t need an architect’s drawings, she instinctively knows what to do.
from The 365 Day Photo Project
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Steph White

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[ #365project   #BuggyFriday  by +Ray Bilcliff +Sherry McBriar & +Margaret Tompkins

Upside Down Ant
All alone, a common black ant (Lasius Niger) searches for something to eat - there’s no change you’ll be finding any aphids to milk now, it’s far too cold!
from The 365 Day Photo Project
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