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leatherworker, gamer, geek


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Aw, WildStar... bonus points for letting me make a character that looks like a Ray Bradbury-style martian.  Thanks!

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Thanks to the Steam sale, I'm getting a chance to replay Psychonauts!

I was going to make a list of reasons I love that game, but I think this gif may suffice. 
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To stop the squirrels from climbing up to the bird feeder, I slathered the shepherd's hook with coconut oil.  (not a euphemism)  The squirrels have been flinging themselves at it and slithering down in greasy spirals.

No pole has ever been danced with such abandon. 

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It's going to be difficult to determine cause of death on this one.  There seems to be... (nom nom) some damage to the zygomatic arch. And... (crunch) now there are deep tooth marks in the parietal area.  HOW DID THIS HAPPEN.

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There was a murder in my back garden this morning.
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Now not coming to a theater near me. :(

My only complaint about Pacific Rim is a tiny bit spoilery, so it's below:

I wanted MOAR Crimson Typhoon.  When I realized that thing had three arms, I was like, "Oh heeeeell yes, now we're going to see some shaolin mecha badassery!!"  But nope.  :(  

Gipsy Danger using a freighter as a baseball bat magically makes anything better, though.  (unless you're a kaiju.)


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Someone had me get all fancy pants with the White Tree of Gondor design.
Here's a recent wallet - it's the White Tree design I've done before, but this one also has a Mallorn leaf hand tooled and painted on the back. 

You'd only be able to fit, like, a crumb of lembas bread inside that leaf, though.  If you're going on a little day hike into Mordor, better bring a bag lunch too.  Just in case.

#LOTR #wallet
White Tree with Mallorn Leaf Wallet
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Are you making a thing?  Even better, are you making a thing, and local?  Chances are, I'm stupid excited about it!

This guy needs about 5 grand more to fund, and it would be awesome to see that happen.
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