It's been some time since I have written here. But recent news has made me feel it necessary...

Having reviewed notes I had written in the time of the Niantic Project, I strongly suspect that the Role-Playing Game mentioned in recent documents might be quite similar to the ‘Remote Participation’ experiments I lead as far back as Waratah (I am assuming that this is no longer classified, as so much is publicly known).

Put quite simply, I believe that when influenced by large amounts of Exotic Matter, focused thought experiments -- especially in proximity to a MAGNUS or significant portion of a MAGNUS -- may have real effects in alternate universes.

In other words, I believe that such gatherings are capable of generating ‘alternative strings’ or quite possibly influencing our own reality.

I have reason to believe that our experiments had consequences in our world and suggest that this ‘RPG’ taking place at 13MAGNUS: REAWAKENS is playing with much more than just dice... it is playing with fire.

I strongly advise, knowing this will probably not be heeded, that more research be done before this event is allowed to take place.

Stein Lightman
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