Clear All, Open All, Begin Journey

Here are my notes regarding the first four pages of what we know as +Carrie Campbell's Epiphany Journal and the Cross Plains Glyph.

Epiphany Journal Page 1:
Meaning: Clear All
Glyph Decoded By: +Daniel Beaudoin
"It's still hard for me to say at this point, but the image could indeed be symbolic of a 'mind wipe.'"

NOTE: I could have said, ‘clear all thoughts’.  Mind wipe is good, too. As with any language, translations are approximate, and with something as primal and complex as this, it’s possible we are unable to express the core idea in spoken/written language.

Epiphany Journal Page 2:
Meaning: Open All
Glyph Decoded By: +Eric Frock
"It's your mind openining (sp.) a door to the shapers and letting them in."

NOTE: I took the larger concept of ‘Open All,’ as in open all mindgates. However, in certain contexts Mr. Frock’s interpretation might be equally valid.

Epiphany Journal Page 3:
Meaning: Begin
Glyph Decoded By: +Daniel Beaudoin
“'Birth' 'Creation' 'Origin'  The glyph seems like it may be responsible for creating something new."

NOTE: Mr. Beaudoin had three concepts that I synthesized, this time to a more machine-like concept, to ‘Begin,’ but his interpretations are also valid.

Epiphany Journal Page 4:
Meaning: Journey
Glyph Decoded By: +Jose Ramirez
“This page strongly indicates glyph 58045654 is related to movement.”

NOTE: I changed this to ‘Journey’ as movement has a number of meanings.  I feel that many of these terms are either literal (as in coding language) or ‘Jungian in nature’ in which archetypes almost serve as precise universal symbols.


Cross Plains Glyph:
Meaning: Creativity/Mind/Thought/Idea
Glyph Decoded By: +Yuri Alaric Nagassa 
“The Anazktec had a carved symbol like this. It meant mind, or creativity. An idea. The Anazktec viewed themselves as cursed relatives of those who built great cities in antiquity, and who had this ability taken away from them, and had thus devolved to living in the forest never to build great cities again.”

NOTE: I included the meaning 'Thought', since not all thoughts are ideas, and not all ideas are thoughts.
Glyphs - Epiphany Journal and Cross Plains
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