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My new game "Colorzzz" is now available on the App Store! It's a puzzle game about matching colors with 180 levels ranging from easy to very tricky.
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My new app "EinStein würfelt nicht!" ("EinStein doesn't play dice") is available on the Apple app store.

Meine neue App "EinStein würfelt nicht!" ist im Apple App Store verfügbar. 

EinStein würfelt nicht ist ein kurzweiliges Brettspiel für Zwischendurch, bei dem Strategie und Glück gefragt sind. Ziel ist es, einen Stein in die gegnerische Ecke zu bewegen.

Die App enthält einen Computergegner, der vom Computerschach Experten Chrilly Donninger entwickelt wurde. Die Spielstärke ist einstellbar.

Der Erfinder des Spiels ist der Jenaer Mathematik Professor Prof. Dr. Info Althöfer.!/id981066027?mt=8
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Die Android Version des Iwwersedsers ist ab sofort im Play Store erhältlich!

Der Android Iwwersedser funktioniert ab Android 4.1.2 und ist für Smartphones und Tablets optimiert.

Viel Spaß damit! :-)
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Our new game #Georientate  is available to download from the Apple app store. Get it now, and play with your friends!  :)

#iphone  #ipad #game #app  #geography #orientation
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A smoothed closed #knight's #tour rendered with #blender.

#chess  #schach #raumschach   #laurin  
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This is a more elaborated #knight's tour in #Laurin's 3d #chess. It's a closed tour which means that the knight visits each square exactly once and can directly jump to the start square from the last visited square. I rendered the result in #Blender which took more than 11 hours.
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A knight's tour in Laurin's 3D Raumschach. The knight walks through the whole 8x8x8 space visiting each square exactly once. 

Although the knight's tour problem is NP-hard in general, this solution was found very quickly (under 1 second) by using a simple recursive backtracking algorithm and Warnsdorff's rule where you visit squares with the fewest onward moves first. 

Here's the path:

1a1 1c2 2a1 1b3 3a1 2c2 4a1 2b3 1c1 1a2 2c1 2a2 
1b4 1a6 1b8 2a6 2b8 1d7 1f8 1h7 2f8 2h7 1g5 1h3 
1g1 2h3 2g1 1e2 3g1 3h3 4g1 4h3 5g1 7h3 8g1 8h3 
7g1 5h3 6g1 6h3 8f2 8h1 8g3 7h1 7f2 6h1 7g3 5h1 
6f2 4h1 2f2 1h1 1f2 2h1 1g3 3h1 2g3 1f1 1h2 2f1 
2h2 1g4 1h6 1g8 2h6 2g8 1e7 1c8 1a7 2c8 2a7 1b5 
1a3 1b1 2a3 2b1 1d2 3b1 3a3 4b1 2d2 3f1 3h2 1f3 
1e1 1g2 1h4 1g6 1h8 1f7 2h8 2g6 3h8 2f7 4h8 3g6 
5h8 3f7 1d8 1b7 1a5 2b7 2d8 1c6 2a5 3b7 3d8 4b7 
3a5 1c4 1b2 1d1 2b2 1a4 1b6 1a8 1c7 2a8 2b6 3a8 
2c7 4a8 3b6 5a8 3c7 1e8 1g7 1h5 2g7 2e8 1d6 3c8 
3a7 2b5 4a7 4c8 5a7 7c8 8a7 8c8 7a7 5c8 6a7 6c8 
8b6 8a8 8c7 7a8 7b6 6a8 4b6 2a4 1c3 2d1 1e3 2g2 
2h4 1f5 2e7 3g8 3h6 4g8 4h6 5g8 3e7 1d5 1f4 2h5 
1f6 3h7 2g5 1e6 3f8 4h7 4f8 2d7 3b8 3a6 1c5 1e4 
2d6 3e8 3g7 3h5 2f6 2g4 1e5 1d3 2e1 3g2 3h4 2f5 
1d4 2e2 3c1 3a2 2b4 2c6 4b8 3d7 5b8 4a6 2c5 3a4 
3b2 2c4 4a3 5b1 7a3 8b1 8a3 7b1 5a3 6b1 6a3 8b5 
7c7 8a6 8b8 7a6 7b8 5a6 6b8 6a6 8b4 8a2 8c1 7a2 
7c1 8e2 6c1 4a2 2c3 3d1 3f2 4d1 2e3 2d5 2f4 2e6 
4d8 3c6 3b4 5a2 4c1 6a2 5c1 3e2 3g3 2e4 3g5 5h7 
3f6 4h5 4g7 4e8 4c7 3b5 3c3 4a4 4b2 2d3 3e1 2f3 
4h2 3g4 2e5 4d7 5f8 7h7 8f8 8h7 7f8 6h7 8g5 8f7 
8h8 8g6 7h8 7g6 6h8 4g6 6f8 8d7 6b6 8a4 8b2 8d1 
7b2 7d1 8c3 7a4 5b2 5a4 6b2 6a4 5b6 7d7 8c5 8b7 
8d8 7b7 8a5 8b3 8a1 8c2 7a1 7b3 6a1 4c2 5a1 3c2 
2d4 3b3 4a5 3c4 3d2 4f1 5h2 7f1 8h2 8f1 7h2 5f1 
6h2 8g4 8h6 8g8 7h6 7g8 8e7 6g8 4e7 3d5 4b4 3d3 
3c5 4b3 5a5 5b7 7a5 6b7 7d8 8c6 6a5 8c4 8d2 6f1 
4d2 5b3 7d2 6b3 4c5 3e6 3f4 4e2 4g3 5h5 5g7 5e8 
3d6 4b5 3d4 3f3 4e1 4g2 4h4 3f5 3e3 5d1 4f2 6d1 
4c3 3e4 4g5 4f7 5h6 4g4 5f2 4d3 3e5 4c4 5d2 4f3 
5e1 5c2 4e3 5g2 5h4 5g6 7h4 8g2 8h4 7g2 8e1 6g2 
6e1 8d3 7e1 8f3 6h4 5f3 6d2 5c4 4d6 5b5 5c7 7b5 
5c3 4e4 4f6 5d7 5c5 6d7 7c5 5d3 4f4 5e2 5g3 7e2 
7c3 6e2 6c3 6b5 4d4 4f5 6h6 5g4 4e5 4c6 5d8 4e6 
6c5 8e4 6g3 5e4 5g5 5f7 6d8 6f7 6g5 6f3 7g5 6e4 
5d6 7e4 8d6 7f7 6d6 8e8 7d6 6c4 8e5 7f3 5e5 7c4 
6e5 6d3 7e5 6g6 5f4 7d3 5b4 5c6 7b4 6c6 5e7 7c6 
6b4 4d5 6e7 5f5 5d4 5e6 6d4 6c2 7d4 7c2 8d4 6e6 
6c7 7e6 8f4 8e6 6f4 8h5 7f4 5d5 5e3 6g4 5f6 6h5 
6g7 6e8 7g7 7h5 8g7 7e8 6f6 7g4 7f6 6d5 8f6 7d5 
6e3 6f5 7e3 7f5 7e7 8d5 8e3 8f5
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Version 1.14 of Tak3Tik (free) with improved 3D display is available.

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An ad-supported free version of Tak3Tik is now available in the app store. It provides the same features as the paid version.

Enjoy! :-)
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