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I just got a Moto E because I'm getting ready to send in my Nexus 6 for repair, and I'm anticipating a horrible experience and that it'll take weeks for me to get a working phone back. I didn't have a spare one, so I picked up this cheap and cheerful phone.

Here's my review: It's fantastic.

 - The build quality is outstanding
 - The battery is supposed to be first class
 - The screen is fine, even if you're used to a Nexus 6
 - The camera is terrible
 - OMG, so cheap.

The performance is good enough. There's some lag from time to time, e.g. when updating 27 apps after setting it up for the first time, but it's fine.

The screen is tiny, compared to the Nexus 6, and relatively low-res, but it's clear, bright, easy to read, and it has ambient display (lovely) even though it's not an oled display. Even coming from the huge 6" 1440p display, the Moto E's screen is absolutely fine.

The build quality is excellent. The buttons feel very clicky and tactile, they're much better than the ones on the N6. The textured band around the sides feels wonderful, and the soft touch stuff on the back is first class. It's sort of waterproof too. Very nice. The USB cable fits without jiggling around, which is a first for me. I could go on and on about the build quality.

The software is Android 5.0 with a few very unintrusive and useful additions by Motorola: there's an FM radio that's very pretty and works great, and some Moto Assist and Migrate stuff. All of them very tasteful with material design.

The camera is terrible. The software is very nice (Motorola's own camera app), but the cameras, both front and back are terrible. I take pictures all day long, and the N6 has a reasonably good camera, but if you don't, then the bad camera might be a good compromise for you, with the price in mind. There's no flash (why?).

I haven't run the battery down yet, but from what I've read I have no doubt that the battery in this thing is going to be astonishing by today's standards.

The prospect of sending my Nexus 6 into repair and not getting it back for four weeks doesn't seem so terrible now.

So in summary, if you need a cheap phone, get the Moto E. You'll be very happy. Unless you want a decent camera.

Caveat: If you don't mind spending just a little bit more, the Moto G (2015) camera is much, much better, and it's not that much more expensive. But I wanted the cheapest phone on the block, and I'm astonished at what I got.

Here's my problem with the N6.
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I just bought yø.com :)

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I've published an Android app just to learn how the Play Store works. Maybe some of you like RPN. It's not just for accountants from the 80s.

If you try it, leave a review. :)

The code is on

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At Takeshi in Bochum. Wow.

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The 25th Anniversary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall

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Drink-driven development.

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