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All internet arguments ever.
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Sunset in the Mountains - CG artwork from today in Blender 3D Cycles
JLE Studios Auckland
#b3d #blender3d #CG #3D 

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Setup SysVol Replication Across Two Samba4 AD DC with Rsync – Part 6

Rest of Topics from Samba4 AD DC

Part 1: Install Active Directory Infrastructure with SAMBA4 on Ubuntu

Part 2: Manage Samba4 AD Infrastructure from Linux Command Line

Part 3: Manage Samba4 Active Directory Infrastructure from Windows10 via RSAT

Part 4: Manage Samba4 AD Domain Controller DNS and Group Policy from Windows

Part 5: Join an Additional Ubuntu DC to Samba4 AD DC

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Dell's latest laptop is $100 cheaper if you buy it with Ubuntu

Dell love Linux. That’s not a bit of marketing fluff designed to look good writ large on a conference banner, but actual, tangible fact.

Today the company announced the immediate availability of the Dell Precision 3520 mobile workstation (that’s “professional laptop” to you and I).

Better yet buyers can save over $100 by choosing Ubuntu 16.04 LTS pre-loaded instead of Windows 10 — now that’s what you call a deal!


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NEW VIDEO! The absurd physics of gravitational wave detection. If everything stretches, how can you tell?

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Learn how to ensure the Availability of your Linux server and workstation instances, whether they reside in the public cloud or on-premises, with the new Veeam Agent for Linux >>

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Detta così sembra quasi che la gravità non sia una conseguenza della massa, ma che ne sia la causa.
È come se in qualche punto dello spazio-tempo esistano già dei centri gravitazionali che"attendono" il passaggio di qualche nube di gas e polveri per formare stelle o pianeti.
Una nube di gas e polveri si contrae e si condensa per la gravità,il centro collassa in una sfera gassosa, nasce una stella 

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