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The story is getting stranger and stranger. 
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Do you think the #MantiTeo scandal will affect his future prospects in the NFL? Should it? #NotreDame #hoax 
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#ViewersVoice I think it's wait & see for his draft. He has the talent to play the game but if he has character issues then it may hurt his draft. He is not looking good right now as a person with all that's going on. I know as a Bills fan where he is projected to go as of right now I don't want him but would hate if he turns out to be a star in the NFL. 
One good thing about this...I learned a new term... Catfishing
The real issue is too wide spread; that focus on one individual causes too much friction. If he is the new face of these kinds of instances then, his prospects looks good if he wants to stand up for justice.

We need the +Electronic Frontier Foundation in on this because of its duality with "Aaron's Law" and their focus on anonymity beyond intellectual property rights. We could ask, does EFF support anon-hoaxes? They have pointed out lawyers that do. 
My Question for this whole thing is How can you date a person without ever meeting them to believe that they are suffering from a serious disease that requires lots of family involvement because of stem cell and bone marrow treatments leukimia is no joke and if he was in a relationship with this person you would think that he had a physical relationship with her? He is an athlete.
I never heard nothing like this before thats crazy
he should come clean and explain himself.

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