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"If God leaves me the sentiment, I'll be happy to turn 150. Otherwise, without my lucidity I don't bother to stay on this planet".
My grandmother thanking me for the birthday wishes I gave her on the phone. She's 90 today and it's more lively than many people I've met in my life so far. Strong and clever, that's the way I like her. 
Live long, Granny! Love you.

#birthday #grandmother #olympics
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Yes, it is +Lucille Wade 
These are all the magnets my cousins and I have brought her from our trips around the world. Some of them have been collected by herself as she loved to travel. Now she thinks she's too old for that but I disagree!
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“Never waste a minute thinking about people you don't like.”
Dwight D. Eisenhower
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Wrong answer
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Thank you SO MUCH everyone for your lovely wishes. 
Hope to spend another amazing time here in happiness and joy. I'm older, therefore I'm wise (they say so, lol)

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A breathless London from London Eye #lovelondon #view #beautiful #photography
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Maybe I wasn't even in London at that time!
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Writer. @HuffPostUK & @onrugby_It blogger. Kindle addict, runaholic. @ChaseWilliams78 creator (Be nice, or you'll end up in his next crime novel).
Italian born and raised, when I was a child I used to dream of winning a gold medal at the Olympics. Then I grew up.

When I'm not running on a track I'm a freelance writer and sociologist. I published books and ebooks, and make my contribution to support people in sport by looking for a blind runner to guide. 
I also have a blog where I talk about sport, advertising, pets, writing and anything else worth reading.

In the meantime I end up people, but just for fiction. I write crime novels and mystery stories, even if I lost the sheets where I wrote down who are the murderers.
Basic Information
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Shame there's any ZERO star for rating Terravision. Here are some of the reasons why I'd never suggested Terravision to anyone, not even my worst enemy. - Buses are *always* late and unreliable, plus they stink and are always dirty. - Drivers can't drive without making you feel sick. In 2012 we were heading to Stansted but the driver forgot it and went to Heathrow. When he realised it he REVERSED ON THE MOTORWAY whilst taking the motorway link towards Heathrow and then kept going to Stansted. Scary. Nightmare. Ever. - Staff is rude and horrible and most of the time they don't get English. They have the courage of yelling to an elderly Italian lady to shout out and stay on the queue while she was asking info about her ticket - it's happening right now as I'm writing in the queue to make her get on the bus. After that, you know, it's the last time I put my trust in this company. Whenever you are ('cause awful situations happened to me also in Rome) what they dare to call "customer service" is *unreal*. Do not waste time in calling Terravision's HQ and asking for explanations. They NEVER pick up the phone. There are no managers, probably, who can cope with this sh*t. Since nobody of them can't, why we should? Don't waste your time and money with this company. It's better to invest couple of Pounds on other more trustworthy, POLITE and RELIABLE companies that don't try to get you killed on the motorway.
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