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#1 Barnes & Noble Bestseller #2 Amazon Bestseller Winner of the Crowned Heart Award for Excellence from InD’tale Magazine 2014 RONE Award Finalist in the Mystery Category &n…
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Today is my grandmother’s birthday, and this is a story about valuing the freedom of expression.

#freedom #happybirthday#granny #grandmother #birthday#birthdaygirl #family #referendum#birthday #instabday #celebrate #happy#old #years #instabirthday
Today is my grandmother’s birthday, and this is a story about celebrations, referendum day and valuing the freedom of expression.
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Wow! Did you have any pictures of her +Jo Ann Freeboom ? :)
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Leaves in spring be like... 🍃#fountain #leaf #park #lovelondon
#spring #blossom #beautiful#season #seasons #instaspring #instagood#springtime #color #ilovespring #warm#sunny #sun #tree #pretty #bloom#colorful
Leaves in spring 🍃 #fountain #leave #park #lovelondon
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"What an interesting life Chase happens to live, albeit quite unwillingly!"
Short detective stories featuring Chase Williams now available for any kind of e-readers!

#asmsg #shortstories #kindleunlimited #kindle #mystery #flashfiction #detective #murdermystery #heist #ebook #chasewilliams #tursenia #nook #smashwords #kobo
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It’s my birthday today, and it looks like my husband knows how to wish me #happybirthday on Instagram #luckygirl 

#birthday #bday #party#Husband #wife #instabday #bestoftheday#birthdaycake #cake #friends #celebrate#instagood #candle #candles #happy#young #old #years #instacake#happybirthday #instabirthday #born#family
It's my birthday today (let's pretend everyone I turn 22, all right?), and it looks like my husband knows how to wish me #happybirthday on Instagram!
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Going to try @franzvitulli's first #homemade #liquor. Made with tangerines so I can have it :) It's safe to say I have a great jack of all trades #hubby. Cheers! 🍊🍸
#drink #drinks #slurp#Cheers #salute #cincin #pub #bar #liquor#yum #yummy #thirst #thirsty #tangerine#liqueur #drinkup #glass #can #spirits
My husband made homemade tangerine liquor at home. He started making it 2 months ago, and now it's time to taste it. Spoiler alert: it's good.
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Ever-present on the internet. Snooper, reader, writer. Then runner, gym rat, dog stalker, wife. Tursenia connoisseur.
Hello, I’m Stef. I’m a snooper, writer, sportsperson and native Sardinian.
I love dogs, running, Italian food, the orange colour and My Little Ponies® (I’ve always thought they lived in my summer clothes drawer).
By day I practice my dark arts on the internet.
By night I write detective stories and cozy mysteries starring my British alter-ego, Chase Williams. In fact, many things happening to him had happened to me in my real life. A part from witnessing people’s murders.
Here are some fun facts about me (disclaimer: it may not contain crime stories):
  • I don’t like sweet food but I have a soft spot for marshmellows. I just can’t resist them.
  • I can prove beyond reasonable doubt that I’ve been the slowest sprinter in the history of athletics so far.
  • I don’t always wear high heels, but when I do, I kill it.
  • Everyone always thinks, in every gym I’ve been, that I’m a gymnast. Well, I’m not.
  • As an author, I should state what my favourite book/author is. As a matter of fact, I’m still trying to pick one amongst the many I like.
People that said nice things about me:
  • Stefania Mattana has THE ability to entertain. — Wizard of Oz, reviewer
  • The Sardinian Agatha Christie — Carla Monticelli, sci-fi best seller author
  • An extremely creative, outside-of-the-box thinker with strong and positive leadership skills — Ana Silva, HumanMade ltd
  • Stefania Mattana is a wonderful, unique author who can write compelling stories about a great character, Chase Williams. —Bill Swanson, reader
  • I’m very proud of you — Dad
  • Are you a gymnast? — Random guy at the gym
  • She’s like a Swiss knife: pocket-sized and can do lots of things — Daniele, friend
  • A fantastic SEO lead and mentor — Ellie Gurrey, Salmon ltd
This is the person I am. If you want to know the person I’m not, take a look at my professional website!
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Shame there's any ZERO star for rating Terravision. Here are some of the reasons why I'd never suggested Terravision to anyone, not even my worst enemy. - Buses are *always* late and unreliable, plus they stink and are always dirty. - Drivers can't drive without making you feel sick. In 2012 we were heading to Stansted but the driver forgot it and went to Heathrow. When he realised it he REVERSED ON THE MOTORWAY whilst taking the motorway link towards Heathrow and then kept going to Stansted. Scary. Nightmare. Ever. - Staff is rude and horrible and most of the time they don't get English. They have the courage of yelling to an elderly Italian lady to shout out and stay on the queue while she was asking info about her ticket - it's happening right now as I'm writing in the queue to make her get on the bus. After that, you know, it's the last time I put my trust in this company. Whenever you are ('cause awful situations happened to me also in Rome) what they dare to call "customer service" is *unreal*. Do not waste time in calling Terravision's HQ and asking for explanations. They NEVER pick up the phone. There are no managers, probably, who can cope with this sh*t. Since nobody of them can't, why we should? Don't waste your time and money with this company. It's better to invest couple of Pounds on other more trustworthy, POLITE and RELIABLE companies that don't try to get you killed on the motorway.
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