"This presentation can’t be opened because it’s too old.
To open it, save it with Keynote ’09 first.” – I was greeted with this message today when I was about to publish few more presentations on Slideshare about Knowledge Management. The offending presentation is from 2008. I have around 20 files created in older Keynote versions. They are not the disposable kinds of presentations – you know, the ones that you prepare, project and forget about them. I like to reuse them, show when I’m talking about various subjects contained in them.

How I am supposed to access them now? “save it with Keynote ’09 first”, but how? I don’t have Keynote '09 any more on my fresh Mavericks install.

The iCloud loads the presentations without any complaint, but it can’t open them – same message. One would at least hope, that they will have conversion tools at their side, if it is too cumbersome to distribute it to users and have additional customer support overhead.

I do have an installation CD, but I don’t have a CD drive any more. I'm not buying a piece of hardware to install obsolete software from a company that can't keep compatibility just two versions backwards. 

For comparison: I can read my university presentations from 2001, my conference presentations from 2003-2004 created in Open Office. That’s more than 10 years and more than three versions ago!

I’m usually careful when using proprietary formats and try not to use them if there is a negotiable alternative. I was using iWork because it was pleasant to use, intuitive and it never went into my way. The Keynote was the best alternative out there for me – the output was just lovely. The output from other tools is not that nice, or at least requires much more work to achieve similar results.

How can I trust Apple now and use their products if they can easily render my documents unreadable without any immediately accessible (from the internet) and legal option?

P.S.: I apologize for the rant, but this should be a warning for you who are using proprietary products as well as I do

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