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If somebody wants to try KDE Applications 14.12, Antonio Rojas has set up a repository. Instructions are here:

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Recently I have updated my note taking program pynote to 1.0. Check it out and report any issues. :)

My project pynote is along the way to version 1.0. If somebody wants to have a look at here are a few links:

Github: Docs: AUR: Forum:

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We're in archland 8)

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new alsi thing. :)

Today I hold a presentation about python at university. I told them about the really great whitespace structuring thing in python.

I got three annotations from the audience I want to share with you:
1) Python is no language which can be used in team. If someone preferes another code formatting than the others the code just does not work.
2) When you have to refactor the code you have to take care of the whitespace. It is really hard to take a piece of code and put it in another function or class without whitespace issues.
3) The professor told me to use a "endblock" comment thing, like the following. The reason -- in his opinion -- is that it is not clear where a block ends by just using whitespace.

def my_function(arg):
    a = b  # whatever...
# endblock

What do you think? I was very surprised about these comments and do not really agree with them, especially the first....

Hi, i've got a strange problem with nautilus in gnome3. When I click on a filelink in another program, e.g. in google chrome download -> show in folder.

Instead of launching nautilus in my download folder, anjuta asks me to import the download folder. Any ideas to change this behaviour? :)

Hi guys! On the left side of my Nautilus the "place" Music disappeared. Any ideas how to replace it with the nice symbol? As a workaround I created a bookmark, but it is in the wrong section...

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