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I play remotely by a number of means with my old group(s) in Oneonta NY. I change my portrait and nick name here to match my most current PC.

Circle me for: Tabletop Gaming of all kinds. Ingress. Pokemon Go. Maybe, if you know me in meat space? CrookedRook11 on both Ingress (Enlightened) and Pokemon Go (Instinct).

I'm CrookedRook where it was available and CrookedRook11 (including Telegram) where it wasn't. There are still a handful of locations on the Internet where I'm still known as DoctorCheckmate; off the top of my head I can't recall what they are.

I'll circle you for: If I know (or have known) you in Meat Space, or interact with you on google+ with any regularity. I don't circle people just to follow or just because I've been circled. I'll occasionally circle back, but not often. The exception is my RPG/OSR circle, but from my end it's more or less a wall of noise.

A brief tour of my circles:
  • AR FL: Ingress and Pokemon Go in Gainesville FL
  • RPG/OSR: I'll post all things tabletop gaming here. It'll mostly be RPG stuff.
  • Locations:
    • NYC: because I'll be there in Autumn 2018.
    • Oneonta (NY): because, college.
    • I'll expand on these over time.
  • Derby: I have an interest in Roller Derby. This is- for the most part - waiting til I move.
  • I'm sure more will occur to me...
Other than that? Other than that I don't know what to say. I'm moving to NYC in Autumn 2018, so I don't have a great deal of interest in establishing more than the most casual of contacts here in Gainesville FL. I'm killing time until I can re-start my life. Like, when you haven't re-started a game, because you're "this close" to an achievement and hey, "you might as well since you're here."

I'll probably try to get back into Ingress more seriously once I'm established in NYC.

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Ending a twenty year marriage still BFFs
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Esteban, Doctor Checkmate, Crooked Rook, Peregrine "Bright" Brighteadow, I roll dice, and variations of all of the above


Dirty Laundry
In spite of appearances (assuming you aren't reading this in a future where I've jiggered with the layout again), I'm not airing dirty laundry here. I don't need to, it isn't... gentlemanly, and I've gotten about 80 to 99 percent of the poison out of the wo...
My Instagram
I've got an Instagram... Account? Page? What's the proper parlance? Feed? Whatever it is I have one. Morning after Hurricane Hermine I've embraced the square instant photo format, and I rather enjoy all the filters b...
I've got an Instagram... Account? Page? What's the proper parlance? Feed? Whatever it is I have one. Morning after Hurricane Hermine I've embraced the square instant photo format, an...
It's been a roller coaster
I'm not going to talk a lot about the other half of the break up. Not because I'm mad, or she was mean, or any drama. I'm not going to talk about her because she remains a BFF and out of respect for her privacy. Later on she may be introduced as one of my "...
Beginning to post on my Cyberpunk Space Opera setting blog
OK. Well, that's a thing. The other day I was editing my circles and ham-handedly deleted a couple of very large ones.

I'm now re-building some circles and I've encountered a limit to the number of people I can add to circles in a day. Wow. OK. SO!

Most of you I believe are following me for some flavor or another of tabletop gaming? A couple for Ingress? Many of you I haven't had in a circle before because I wasn't paying a lot of attention to my adds. So here we are? What circle am I putting you lovely people in?
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Tabletop Gaming?
Something else?
Publix. Some of you are from Publix.
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The table top gaming circle is literally so large I can't send it email. OK. WHO ARE ALL YOU PEOPLE?! #KERMITARMS  
It took some time, but at this point we both just want to get on with our lives. Living together for a few more months is tense, but the lease isn't up until June. Here we sit in September and we're already cleaning out closets, packing things we won't need...
Why Brooklyn?
Well, first of all I've got an agent on the ground in NYC who wants me there. Why he thought, "Brooklyn," is a mystery... Well, I have some theories, but that isn't really germain. He's almost the only person I know in NYC. Second, as I implied, I don't kno...
Entering to win a new laptop. eh. You never know. Please, bear with.
After dominating desktops, NVIDIA’s new Pascal GPUs are going mobile and we're excited! To celebrate, we're giving away a new ROG G752VS OC Edition gaming laptop (valued at $2,999 USD)! Don't miss your chance to outclass your rivals with a ultra powerful gaming laptop that’s truly on par with some of the most powerful desktops - enter today!
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Good luck
In the absence of game
In the absence of a meat space game of any kind, and in particular, the absence of running games, I've had a lot of time to meditate on what I want out of the experience of running my own games. I've answered a lot of questions about myself as tabletop, pen...
If you're interested in hearing from me when I blog about things that don't involves chucking dice and playing with toy soldiers, let me know. I'll likely make a circle just for that audience.
Getting Transmissions in order here: My circles include Location and Hobby based categories. I'm moving to NYC in 2018, so if you're there and we have something in common or if you have recommendations for me, that would be great!

I know almost 300 (!!!) of you circled me for RPG/OSR reasons, and that stuff will come again, I promise.

Everyone else, though! Pick a circle, or comment for more than one!
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New York City
Gainesville FL
Ingress: Gainesville
Ingress: NYC
Other: Please specify in comments
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RPG/OSR here.
Stefan Shirley (Lord Kelvin)'s +1's are the things they like, agree with, or want to recommend.
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