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Love this app. Thanks for making it.

Any plans on adding a way to import workouts? It would be cool if there was a special file extension like .fnote. The file could be in JSON or other simple format that people can create and post online. 

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Awesome work.

I would like to see the buttons on the lg r moved more into the center (maybe moving the suggestions below). Hitting the corner buttons is very tight.

Is there going to be telegram or other IM client in the future?

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Chat room for every app you have installed. 

Is there an I/O Extended at Zürich planned for this year? #io2015  

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WTF +Blick am Abend . Is this breaking news? Time to turn of push notifications for this app. 

I would like to propose creating an open source watchface maker (android and web) and a standard for those faces. Similar to facer or watchmaker but open source so we can get the most out of it and not get vendor locked especially since facer has now decided to encrypt its watchfaces.

Thoughts? Feedback?

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If you have Problems with Wifi on your iOS 8 devices or Yosemite. This is why:
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