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I admit I have enormous data redundancy on the 3 platforms (4 if you count ST3) but old habits die hard...

It's a great feature, but my routine is complex and cannot be achieved automatically:
 - In Garmin Connect I change the Activity type (trail/track/road) , Event Type (training/Race) and Course if needed
 - In sporttracks I add my gear
 - In Strava I define activity Type (workout/Long Run/Race) and my shoes

And I like using the fitlog file from my garmin, so every import module works with the same raw data, not exported/altered data from another service :D

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18.20/18.23* u18m Junioren 1995–1996
  u20m Junioren 1993–1994
  M20 Läufer 1983–1992
  M30 Läufer 1978–1982

18.50/18.53* M35 Läufer 1973–1977
  M40 Läufer 1968–1972
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