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I forgot to share the new Google Playstore promo video. Down there. Below. Yes right there.
Connect, Choose, Cast.

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LocalCast for iOS is out!
Grab your iPhone or iPad and download it now!

This is the first release and has some minor bugs which I will fix in the next days. Please rate it !

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Oh yeah!
Yes this just happened. It's an early Christmas gift and am so happy right now. I will celebrate this like there is no tomorrow.
LocalCast passed 1 Million downloads!
Just in case you feel like sharing this:
Get LocalCast here:

On first start the authentication screen loops a couple of times, although I already granted permissions. I had no time to look at the code, but when doing this for authenticating google drive access you can get a resolution integer from the intent. I just added something like

You should really change this. My Google account was suspended once by this, because of a false positive discovery of an attempt to hack my account, when testing one of my apps, were the authentication was triggered very often.

Drop me the link to the file were this is done in the comments and I'll take a look at it tomorrow.

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Would be nice if some of you could join the beta. I am preparing a bigger update with a lot of changes. Should be out by the weekend.

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Ich habe LocalCast jetzt endlich die verdiente deutsche Übersetzung spendiert, falls ihr Fehler findet, bitte bei mir melden.

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Beat is on App of the day. Get the free ad removal there!

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When the first subtitle appeared on my LocalCast test build a minute ago.
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Beat 2.0 will be out in a couple of days. New features:
- SkyDrive and Box added
- Covers in the cloud will be displayed
- Streaming improved (better buffering, next song is pre-cached...)
- Cloud songs/folders can be added to playlists
- A Play now button on each folder
- A new icon
- Lots of bug fixes
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