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Rugăciunea zilei:

Doamne, dă-mi puterea de a trece peste regrete şi înţelepciunea de a-mi învăţa lecţiile din greşelile făcute.

Citatul zilei:

Trăieşte-ţi viaţa fără regrete şi fără resentimente. Orice s-a întâmplat în trecut, iartă-te pe tine şi iartă-i pe ceilalţi. Alege dragostea.
 Jonathan Lockwood Huie

Bancul zilei:

Nişte turişti la ţară:
Ea: – Iubitule, peisajul ăsta mă lasă mută.
El: – Perfect, campăm aici.

Week-end minunat si binecuvantat!

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Battlefield Hardline multiplayer gameplay will be shown off in a spectacular live stream at E3: 

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Google I/O Is Coming. We're Working Hard to Get Ready

Google IO is just around the corner and we're working hard to bring you tons of great content. Here's +Colt McAnlis toiling away at his desk, right before we record another video for #io14  

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What's Up for June 2014 - Video from NASA JPL
What's Up for June 2014

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Hubble Team Unveils Most Colorful View of Universe Captured by Space Telescope
Composite image showing the visible and near infrared light spectrum collected from Hubble's ACS and WFC3 instruments over a nine-year period. Image Credit: NASA/ESA

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Paddymazz wins the Australian Battlefield Film Challenge with "Battlefield: Take Point".

Full video:

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Rolling on the outside
(follow up from the posts and

If you can roll epicycloids/hypocycloids inside each other, then you can also roll them on the outside. 

I was a bit puzzled to see that the cusps of a (n+1)-hypocycloid, rolling on the outside of a n-hypocycloid,  seemed to trace out a n-epicycloid. But then I realised that it is probably obvious that they do. If you roll a n-epicycloid on the inside of a (n+1)-epicycloid, the cusps of the outer epicycloid lie on the inner epicycloid. So if you instead roll 
epicycloids on the outside, the cusps of the (n+1)-epicycloid will glide along the inner n-epicycloid. Since the cusps of 
(n+1)-epicycloids are the same points as the cusps of (n+1)-hypocycloids, it all makes sense.

The GeoGebra worksheet on GeoGebraTube:
Animated Photo

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Making Sense of Data with Google
posted by +John Atwood, Program Manager

The world is filled with lots of information; learning to make sense of it all helps us to gain perspective and make decisions. We’re pleased to share tools and techniques to structure, visualize, and analyze information in our latest self-paced, online course: Making Sense of Data.

Making Sense of Data is intended for anybody who works with data on a daily basis, such as students, teachers, journalists, and small business owners, and who wants to learn more about how to apply that information to practical problems. Knowledge of statistics or experience with programming is not required.

Making Sense of Data runs from March 18 - April 4, 2014. Visit to learn more and register today. We look forward to seeing you make sense of all the information out there!
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