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Google Plus Ghost Town? My Open Letter to The Misguided Reporters

Know what the common theme is between all these “ghost town posts”? No interviews. No named sources. Lots of reporters who never used it. A quick search usually shows that the reporter has not used Google+ themselves. Likely to not even post the article they just wrote about the platform. In fact most have less than 20 people circled and more often than not... have never even posted. Awesome. Good Reporters generally go out and interview people who are involved with something before they write a story, if they themselves don’t have first had experience. This is fringe opinion piece media. Yet tons of these garbage articles keep getting posted on major tech publications presenting like its the facts.

I figured it was time I wrote a letter to these reporters. Please media… realize that I have tried to reach out and talk to many of you, do interviews, and help you get these points, but too many times you tell me “your company doesn’t care about writing about the positive sides of Google+” or that “other stories are more important than G+ success”. Yet whenever anything could possibly be seen as negative about G+, all of your websites light up with a million ghost town posts. It’s time the users of G+ spoke out…  I’ll start. Here are my thoughts for you.

Dear Reporters Who Can’t Be Bothered To Learn About Google+ Before Writing Your Ridiculous Articles About It;

I know this is going to be hard for some of you. You have been a good tech writer, involved in social media probably for awhile, and spent time building up your Facebook account and Twitter profile. When Google+ came along, many of your company Tech websites had already done things like integrate Facebook comments or sometimes heck, even invest in Facebook themselves! You certainly didn’t have time to get involved in another social network, and come on.. “Google has never got social”. Your mom isn’t there. Google+ is obviously a ghost town.  Right?


Read the whole thing here:

And please share this one Far and wide, on every social network you have. Yeah. I'm asking.

#MyGooglePlusStory #GooglePlus   #VicGundotra   #socialmedia  
It's that time again. Google Plus Ghost Town from the media and reporters. This round is brought to you because Vic Gundotra the guy behind the Google plus project, announced today that he would be leaving Google. Vic is a great guy and im sure ...
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We've just released Android Studio 0.5.6, which fixes a number of important bugs, as well as providing new templates, improved .gradle file editing and sync error reporting, and other minor improvements.

For more information, see the release announcement:
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Stefan Hoth

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Guardians of the Galaxy looks like a pretty solid movie.

Finally something fresh with a Marvel stamp on it. 
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What the actual F? Both articles are full of bullshit and "some people say" "arguments", it's ridiculous. To me it seems they both played a game of "Who can draw the most far fetched conclusion from what a source told them."

Although one shouldn't get into particular arguments with such idiots I just wanted to state the main fact of the TC article is dead wrong: Since the beginning Google+ was known to be a platform. That's not news. Vic always called it the social fabric of Google, meaning in all products. So there's no shift, no policy change.

Anyway, there's a good reason why I stopped following what TC is writing. It's become a very sad place.


Update: And since TC has some worth of "Internet currency" we'll now see other sites take their shit for real.

"Report" hahaha. Good one!
So, +TechCrunch put out another article describing Google+ as  a "Walking Dead"-Social Network. That alone is quite stupid (if you ask me), but how in the world did the guys over at Marketing Land interpret this as signs that Google plans to shut down G+?

I don't get it.

#GooglePlus  +Google+ 
  Rumors are that Google might be planning to kill Google+ or at least put it into a Walking Dead-like “zombie” mode, as TechCrunch characterizes it — and something Google denies. There are some good reasons for Google to do this, and potentially, it could allow Google to better fight on the new social battlefield, […]
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+Markus Plänitz Ich denke eher, dass es anders herum ist. Vic geht und die machen eine Story über Google+ daraus. Wir werden sehen. 
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Stefan Hoth

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+Google+ has a new captain!
Several people have been asking me, and I can confirm that +Dave Besbris  is indeed going to be taking over as head of Google+. Bez has been with the project since its very beginning, and he and +Bradley Horowitz  have both been Vic's top lieutenants: if Google+ were its own company, Bez would have been its COO. He's also an amazing leader: someone who profoundly understands the subtleties of social, of apps, of engineering, of product, and of how to run an organization. Even though you haven't seen him talking in public as much as you've seen Vic, I expect that you'll be very pleasantly surprised when you see what happens with him at the helm. +Bradley Horowitz, in the meantime, will continue his role as the head of product -- where he will presumably continue to be one of the most thoughtful and intelligent men I've worked with.

A big leadership change like this is always a shock, but I'm very glad to see that we're maintaining core continuity, and that our new leader is someone I trust so deeply. Every hail and farewell is bittersweet, but I couldn't have hoped for better people.

You can also learn more at the Re/Code article ( which I think does a great job. (Although they slightly got wrong that Bez was somehow a surprise choice; I would have described him as the obvious successor)
The head of Google+ and Google’s social efforts, Vic Gundotra, announced that he’s stepping down today. Google has confirmed that his replacement will be, as Re/code sources speculated, the current vice president of engineering for Google+, David Besbris. Re/code broke the news of Besbris taking over according to its sources, but Google itself didn’t confirm […]
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Stefan Hoth

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Bolt DB - key:value database as a Go package.

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Stefan Hoth

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Alternative zur Google Kamera, wenn man nur Android 4.2 hat...
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Joining the Android camera app fun, Sony has released its "Background defocus" app for Xperia  phones on the Google Play Store. The app helps blur the background of an image and simulates greater f...
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software developer, entrepreneur, connector, community builder
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Berlin, Germany
Dresden, Germany - Perleberg, Germany
Software developer, community manager and geek living in Berlin, Germany.
I'm Stefan. I'm a software developer so this means I sit in front of the computer the whole day and besides checking all my mail accounts and social media networks I produce software bits which don't work at the first try. Mostly they do after the second or third try.

Besides the work I'm into bringing people together - work wise. I know a lot of people with different talents. So just ask me if you're having a particular problem.

Furthermore I really like to build communities. I'm a co-organizer for GDG Berlin, Berlin Hack and Tell and the Instant Startup Show Berlin. Also I help plan other stuff occasionally. If you think you need assistance on planning developer related events you can contact me as well. I'd really like to help out.

Since the end of 2011 I'm the official German Ambassador to Germany for, an achievement-based social portfolio builder where all bad-ass code monkeys around the globe can be found.

In early 2012 I started contracting for Google to help grow and organize the Developer Programs in the German speaking countries (DE, AT, CH). Talk to me if you want to partner up with Google in this region - I'll try my best to help you.

Also in 2012 I co-founded an initiative called OpenTechSchool which organizes programming workshops and related topics to bring people into tech. We do it such a manner to lower the entry barrier people (often women) perceive in the tech scene. Small groups, calm and helpful coaches, all volunteers from the local community help to create an inviting learning atmosphere. Check it out!

Cheers from Berlin,

PS: Wow, you really read all that? Kudos!
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Good food and a good mango lassi, too.
Public - 4 months ago
reviewed 4 months ago
Really nice atmosphere, attentive staff and the food is delicious with an interesting Swiss influence.
Public - 5 months ago
reviewed 5 months ago
Fresh food like sandwiches, salads and yogurth. The coffee and the fresh milkshakes are great as well. A good place to stop for a coffee break.
Public - 8 months ago
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Youth Hostelling like it's 1970. Very old building which didn't get any updates. Half the rooms are student dorms reused during summer. The breakfast buffet is a joke and don't even try the coffee or juices. This place gets you through the night in a clean room but I had much better stays.
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13 reviews
Lokale Küche mit frischen Zutaten, guter Zubereitung und freundlichem Personal. Gern komme ich wieder!
Public - 6 months ago
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A welcomed jewel in hosting. Granted, the rooms are very small but the standard is good (new bath equipment and furniture), clean, the staff speaks good English and the breakfast was a simple yet good buffet style menu. The TV even had satellite programs in English (fox crime, fox life etc). And the place is only steps away from the train and bus stations without being noisy. If you need a good stay in Podgorica I can recommend this hotel for sure.
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If you want to show a Berlin guest a beer garden or just want to dive into a mass of people this might be the place. It's green, loud, has hundreds of seats and relatively cheap prices. All what you would expect of a beer garden.
Food: Very goodDecor: GoodService: Very good
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reviewed 9 months ago