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If I know you; W00t! That said...
If I know you; W00t! That said...
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Yay, I can get a thermal camera for way under $3k now!
Sleek for android $249!


Him: Could you fax me a copy.
Me: No, I can’t fax because of where I live.
Him: Where do you live?
Me: The 21st century.

@DownloadMoreRam tweet

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When it comes to a free and open internet, what is now posing as "Net Neutrality" vs. Title II; neither of them continue the free and open internet as we have know it.  Both are overreaching power grabs.  Am I right?

Take the meter off and no need for either.

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What will you do with your extra second?

Stay calm everyone "the Fed" is hear to help you.

Anyone who says “What I’d like to do is to see" is not taking action to make something happen, they're passively watching, hoping it will happen.

It's a way to make you think they're going to do something for you without promising they will actual do it.

For those last minute shoppers.

Cracked me up!

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What the world needs; more free hugs!

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Interesting TED
Two destructive lessons!

'what people who wield power mean when they say, "doing bad things." For them, "doing bad things" typically means doing something that poses meaningful challenges to the exercise of our own power.'

'there's an implicit bargain:...If you're willing to render yourself sufficiently harmless, sufficiently unthreatening to those who wield political power, then and only then can you be free of the dangers of surveillance.'

'...the measure of how free a society is is not how it treats its good, obedient, compliant citizens, but how it treats its dissidents and those who resist orthodoxy.'

Never forget. United we stand.
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