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Stefan Carpentier
Energetic positive thinker and Engineer. Beekeeper.
Energetic positive thinker and Engineer. Beekeeper.

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Business trip to Amsterdam and Paris

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Enough said
Daniel Springer writes:  I got a letter in the mail recently that contained a clipping from the funny pages and just two simple words. I'd recognize my dad's handwriting anywhere.

To all of us unicyclists who are so misunderstood, stand strong!  We are awesome and amazing and we can ride Unicycles!

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Re: killer bees in bay area sfgate article sept 27, 2015
Mon Sep 28, 2015 8:28 pm (PDT) . Posted by:
Unfortunately this newspaper report appears to be true. The original
research paper can be found at:

For us, this means that if we encounter bees that are not nice, we should be
requeening ASAP, along with uncapping any drone cells found in that hive.

By the way, Africanized bees were found in Monterey county (Prunedale) years
ago, Requeening and drone elimination seemed to have removed that problem.

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Had a ball at the entrance, some kind of flying bug. Thing was actually being cooked.
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Interesting, Beekeeping around Airports seems to thrive.

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Last be check up. The girls are so strong, I had to split some a second time to prevent swarming. Let's see, but this looks good for this year.
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I am sad that this long standing Bee keeping institution and a wealth of local Bay Area knowledge is no longer with us.
Franklin Carrier.

Tahoe Weather Geek tells us, no significant snow or rain till end of February... At least. That leaves us with ~2 more months of potential percipitation this "winter" in CA.
An area of high pressure over the eastern Pacific will keep skies mostly clear and temperatures unseasonably warm in the Tahoe Basin through at least Saturday. We might see some record high temperatures Friday and Saturday.
The high is expected to shift a bit to the north and webackcountryst, toward the Gulf of Alaska, around Sunday. This will allow colder air from the north and east to drift toward the Sierra from the eastern side. That shift should bring a cooling trend by Monday and into next week.
'But in the short term, at least, the high pressure will not move far enough to open the door to more Pacific storms.
There's no major weather in the forecast through the middle of next week.
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