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Colorful Flowers

Testshot in the botanical garden in Vienna with my brand new Canon 100-400mm. These flowers really made my day (besides my new lens of course). They are so colorful and flashy. I definitely need to go there more often in the future and show you the beauty of nature next to my door.

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With only one flower in focus, the photo seems almost magical.
M Way
Beautiful Photo, love a splash to colour
Amazing!!! This colors are so vibrant!
combination colour of these flowers are unique....its look cheerful. love this....
The flowers look amazing especially their vibrant colours.
hi i like it coloure nice photo good job ..!
wow thats so cool can u buy them from shops or r they some sort of hybrid?
No, Bronte.. I don´t buy evry flowers and I don´t know to sort of hybrid.
Stefan Brenner  knows it..think so ;-)
I don´t want flower-cut because they live as we are and are not long days after cut. 
Keep them sort comin in like it
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