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So it happened. Because of +Nate Parker's recent posts of highly intriguing #ICM (intentional camera movement) photos and the ensuing swell of this type of photos in my stream by other photogs I had to dive into my own library and dig out this photo. I made it during a camping trip in Big Basin Redwoods state park a few years ago. Contrary to my usual preference (monochrome that is) I like this much better in color. This way one can still recognize the subject with a little imagination.

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Watch out for that Nate Parker! I once saw some fireworks that looked like this (but I was under the influence of these fungal stems and caps that I found in a bag). I think that might have been Nate's influence as well ... :-)
Oh wow - This is a really cool effect. And just enough movement - I've tried a few times, and it seems I either move too much, or not enough. (and color!!!!) :D
Thanks +elizabeth hahn. Yes ICM looks simple but it isn't. I think I took like 25-30 shots and only liked this one.
Oh wow. I think my image was too busy as well. The successful ones seem to be far more focused. (no pun intended). Another thing to try again!
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