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Stefan Bäurle
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Two Trees   

Santa Clara County, California.

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#monochromemonday  by +Monochrome Monday 
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Wonderful Stefan!
Lovely trees 
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Never Remembered  

 Lake Almaden, San Jose, California.

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#monochromemonday  by +Monochrome Monday 
#minimalmonday  by +Olivier Du Tré 
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That tree ruins that landscape........
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3 Three 3  

333 West Julian Street, San Jose, California.

Have a great weekend!

#City   #Architecture   #LongExposure   #SanJose  
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Very nice work. I like the strong abstraction caused By the hard contrast. The added realism of the clouds works as a great counterpoint.
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9 Chairs  

San Jose Convention Center...

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excellent! ove the composition and colors! +Stefan Bäurle 
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Ries, Süddeutschland.

#Deutschland   #Ries   #Chapel  
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That has great luminousity. Beautiful BW work.
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West Santa Clara Street, San Jose, California.

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Great location. 
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Tree Elder  

South San Jose, California.

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#monochromemonday  by +Monochrome Monday 
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love this one, looks fabulous
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Four Trees  

South San Jose, California.

#monochromemonday  by +Monochrome Monday 
#minimalmonday  by +Olivier Du Tré 

#SanJose   #Treescape  
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Beautifully seen and done!
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Tree among Sweeping Hills  

Joseph D. Grant County Park, California.

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#monochromemonday  by +Monochrome Monday 
#minimalmonday  by +Olivier Du Tré 
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Congrats Stefan. Great photo. Also your new title photo is great. So full of detail. 
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Stefan Bäurle

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Very friendly staff. Lines move reasonably quickly.
Food: Very goodDecor: Very goodService: Excellent
Public - 3 months ago
reviewed 3 months ago
Very helpful and friendly place with a lot of knowledge about RVs. They fixed our multiple problems (leaky water pump and faucet, faulty charging relay) with our rental RV. Our daughter could even play with their son and we left with a bag of pears. I fully recommend them to anyone who has issues with their RV.
Public - 7 months ago
reviewed 7 months ago
The best butcher with the largest selection with the in the entire Bay Area. Every time we go there we buy as much as we can. I particularly love the Leberkäse, Blutwurst and Wurstsalat.
Quality: ExcellentAppeal: ExcellentService: Excellent
Public - 11 months ago
reviewed 11 months ago
We had Dinner at Steamers for the 2nd time. The staff is friendly and the food is good. But just like last year we had to wait for a long time to get our dinner. It's hard to keep hungry kids happy for 45 minutes after we placed our orders.
Food: GoodDecor: Very goodService: Good
Public - a year ago
reviewed a year ago
24 reviews
Very pleasant stay during a recent business trip. Tried the Italian restaurant and the pizza was quite delicious.
Quality: ExcellentFacilities: ExcellentService: Excellent
Public - 10 months ago
reviewed 10 months ago
We visited for a nice Birthday dinner. The dishes we ordered (Chicken Teriyaki with 2 different makimonis and a plate of Sashimi) were all excellent. The service was rather quick and friendly. We'll be back!
Food: ExcellentDecor: Very goodService: Excellent
Public - a year ago
reviewed a year ago
Ordered the Boss Hogg restaurant. I got a different bread and the coleslaw salad that comes with it had no taste. The pork in the sandwich wasn't great either.
Quality: Poor to fairAppeal: GoodService: Good
Public - a year ago
reviewed a year ago