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Stef Gonzaga
Writer + creative in an exploration of the self and its relationships with the world.
Writer + creative in an exploration of the self and its relationships with the world.

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I've just pledged to Aron Fay's amazing project, the redesign of the traditional composition notebook. While the comp notebook isn't a tradition here in the Philippines, I've seen it and have always been drawn to its black and white marble design whenever I see it in films, TV shows, and on stationery websites.

Check out the Kickstarter page for the entire creative process:

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+Amy Poehler's Smart Girls is an online community "dedicated to helping young people cultivate their authentic selves." It's founded by actress Amy Poehler and producer Meredith Walker, two amazing women that believe in the power of being one's self to make an impact on the world.

I follow Smart Girls here on Google+ and on Facebook and their posts never fail to inspire me. 

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I discovered this in +99U's newsletter and was amazed by the process and outcome of the project.

29-year old designer Adam Lewis Greene gave the Bible, one of the world's oldest cultural texts, a redesign and actually went to work to turn his idea into a reality. He launched his campaign in Kickstarter and managed to gain $1.4 million in funding three days before the campaign ended.

Bibliotheca is currently open for preorders. You can read about his creative process and lessons learned from the Kickstarter here:

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UNIFORM: A clothing line by Liberty & Justice

UNIFORM is an ethical clothing brand dedicated to giving back to the African community by donating a school uniform for every piece of clothing purchased. Fortunately, pricing is well below $1K.

The brand first launched as a Kickstarter campaign and met its $50K goal. Since then, they have donated a total of 10,412 uniforms. These are the results:

"Donated school uniforms were proven to INCREASE ATTENDANCE by up to 62%, RAISE TEST SCORES 0.25 standard deviations, and REDUCE TEEN PREGNANCY rates. For every three girls who received a donated school uniform, two delayed their first pregnancy. These randomized control trials were conducted by researchers from MIT."

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Hustle is the very first planner made out of stone paper, a revolutionary alternative to your typical pulp paper. How awesome is that?

"No water is used, no acid, no base or bleach, no airborne, water borne or solid waste. The paper is recyclable in a number of ways, photo-degradable and will also compost. It is water, grease and insect resistant, and tears with difficulty."

Back the project on Kickstarter here:

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Sounds much better than Apps for Work. 
Google rebrands ‘Apps for Work’ to ‘G Suite,’ becomes less terrible at naming things

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+Woman, Create has just launched its crowdfunding campaign for the 2017 365 Wonders planner! Proudly made in the Philippines by one of the most passionate advocates of women's rights, health, and acceptance in the world. The pages are filled with art, poetry, and essays to inspire you to live the life you desire and to unleash your inner creative spirit.

The project is also a means for Woman, Create to help Syrian refugee children across the seas. In fact, a portion of the proceeds from the 2016 planner was given to

Back the 2017 365 Wonders planner at Cheerfunder:

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+MailChimp donates 100% of the proceeds of its simple yet elegant Mailchimp-inspired deck of cards to The Fugees Academy, a non-profit organization devoted to working with child survivors of war. The cards are born out of the company's collaboration with Fuzzco and +theory11.

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+Letters Live is "a live celebration of the enduring power of literary correspondence." Renowned artists like Benedict Cumberbatch, Louise Brealey, Tom Hiddleston, and Russell Brand have stood in front to read letters written over the centuries.

Visit the site:
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