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Fast and Easy Head Gasket Repair.
Fast and Easy Head Gasket Repair.

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We don't want anyone to use our product unecessarily, so when a customer calls with symptoms of overheating there is a checklist we like to use to help rule out a few others potential causes. Our latest blog looks at this and potential causes for Engine Overheating:

There are many tell-tale sysmptoms of a blown head gasket or cracked block, but do you know how your auto repair shop actually tests for this, or even how you can test for a blown head gasket yourself at home?
Well here's a short little article to help:

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Here at Steel Seal one of the questions we receive the most is about using Steel Seal when you have back pressure.

Back Pressure can be quite a complex issue to understand, and especially confusing if you are not too mechanically minded.

So we decided to put together this straight forward article on back pressure and what to do if you have it and plan to use Steel Seal to fix your blown head gasket.

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We're often surprised about just how few people don't realize that there is a quick and easy head gasket repair solution like Steel Seal on the market, and even fewer are aware that Steel Seal has a special division specially dedicated to providing our Cadillac North Star Head gasket Fix:

You can read loads of Steel Seal reviews at and find our Cadillac North Star product here:

Here's a review we received recently for our Cadillac North Star Product:

The Best $262.00 I ever spent

Steel Seal,
Amazing, you delivered as advertised! The Best $262.00 I ever spent. Okay, I watched a Youtube video and followed your written directions, which were actually easier than the guy on the video explained what he was doing. I must admit I was less than optimistic, (truth is I purchased a cheaper version for $149 and when I received it I was very disappointed in the level of effort required and additional gaskets I would need to buy which also involved removal of the thermostat) however, this North Star Steel Seal delivered and was simple and took me less than an hour. Really, a guy that is 52 years old which has not used any tools since he was 12 when he was working on his bicycle can do this, anyone can. Amazing Results! I paid $500 for this car, I can sell it today for $3,500 – $4,000. Thank You!

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Replacing a head gasket is a big job even for a professional mechanic, and costly too! That's why we believe in giving Steel a go before undertaking this lengthy and costly job.
But for those of you confident enough to want to try, here's Steel Seal's guide on 'How to Repalce a Blown Head Gasket':…/

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Have you visited our new website yet? We have tried to make our site as easy to use as possible. We have FAQ's for our customers, reviews, info on our lifetime guarantee, and will continue to add useful new articles for the motor industry, so keep an eye on out on our blog!

Visit our site today at

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Here at Steel seal we are always trying our best to save our customers some cash, and wherever we can to provide some useful information on the auto industry.
So, we came across this old article from ABC News (Elisabeth Leamy, June 19, 2013) and thought it could be useful

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Thanks to Mark S. for sending us this Steel Seal Review.

It Worked When Other Products Did Not!

To the fine people at Steel Seal,
I wanted to send this testimonial on my experience with Steel Seal. I have a 1997 Ford f-150, 4.6 V8. After doing a valve job at 96k miles, and replacing the head gaskets about 4 years ago, I had a leak appear between the cylinder head and the block...

Read the full review here:

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AAPEX 2014 - Automotive Aftermarket Products Expo - Las Vegas 4 -6 Nov 
Get down to Las Vegas to AAPEX for all your auto aftercare needs!

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This beautiful motorcycle was recently the most expensive ever sold, at $1.35 million!! Read about the classic 'Captain America' Easy Rider motorcycle here:
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