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Steamboat Mountain Music Society
Steamboat Mountain Music Festival in Edgewater BC | 2015 Festival July 25/26
Steamboat Mountain Music Festival in Edgewater BC | 2015 Festival July 25/26

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Saturday Night in the Horsethief pub. These guys had the place packed.

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If you are from a minority, if you've ever felt victimized, if you've ever thought something wasn't right, you and I and +George Takei have something powerful and meaningful in common.

He's doing something about it.

Are you?

#activismviasocial #causeitsright

I have the wonderful opportunity last night to meet George and hear his story. His keynote talk at #socialshakeup15 had a large banquet room full of social media, marketing and PR people so completely captivated, you could hear a pin drop.

Tears were shed. Keyboards were silent. A moment happened. We were all inspired at the strength and determination shown by a single human being who'd been through more than anyone could have imagined.

I went to the keynote expected to hear an actor and a comedian perform. What I discovered was an inspiring man in his 80s determined to make a difference for the rest of us and how he harnessed the power of social media to create an army of social fans and followers over 7 years to help further him right the wrongs.

Despite such a tumultuous life and compelling story, George had the presence of mind and strength of spirit to sit down at the end of his keynote and answer questions while joking with +Robin Carey about much, much less important things.

#inspired #letsgetgeorgethatcameo!

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If we dare to dream, we will picture what can be done
3 airports in one day, plus a launch (of a book). What lofty things will we achieve this week?!
(2,900 km / 2,000 miles / sky's the limit)
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John Wort Hannam is known for his story telling through music. Themes which are central to his music include life in Western Canada, and the human experience as seen through the eyes of simple working folk. He has three albums to his credit and 6 National Folk Music Awards. Every time Edgewater gets a musician of this caliber its a real treat.

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The houseband at the legendary Saturday Night Special music club in Calgary. The Beagle Boys are the result of the musical virtuosity displayed by keyboardist Guy Plecash, multi-instrumentalist and one time Valley resident Fred Mallette, guitarist Phil Whitburn, drummer Bill Nodrick and bassist Charles Frank.

In large part that is due to the band’s unique ability to shift seamlessly from one style and genre of music to another. As a result, any “Beagles” show is bound to include some country, a dash of gospel, a sampling of rockin’ blues, two or three original tunes, a dose of bluegrass and even the odd jazz styling.

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Chisel Peak’s powerful guitar style wow their Invermere audiences and now they are set to bowl over Steamboat.

#canadianbands #popularmusic #indiebands #canadianmusicscene #grassroots

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Our new website is launched. Thank you to the team at +KAYAK Online Marketing for the volunteer effort that has launched us into social.

The new site includes a link to festival acts/links, ticket sales, membership handling, and a blog where we can share happenings with you.

If you attended our festival over that last 4 years, we invite you to tell us about it, send photos and videos, and help us work to raise the profiles of our emerging local artists.

Also just started our Twitter presence at: @steamboatfest - let's get connected!
JUST LAUNCHED -  (may still need to propagate in some areas)

The +Steamboat Mountain Music Society puts on an annual Music Festival (July 25th this year) an all-genre music festival in a picturesque locale in Edgewater, just north of Radium Hot Springs, in the popular Windermere Valley in BC, Canada. (map: )

The festival is comprised of a roughly 40%/60% mix of featured/local musicians, and offers a workshop for musical education.

Situated in the scenic town of Edgewater, British Columbia, the festival stage is located each year at the Edgewater Elementary School grounds, with a spectacular view of the Columbia River Wetlands and, of course, majestic Steamboat Mountain.

Please take moment of circle the festival's GPlus page. Thank you.


+KAYAK Online Marketing volunteered 100% of the creation of this new Society website following Responsive design best practices.

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