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Free #GooglePlus Page Health Check:

Our Google Plus Page Audit Tool will check to ensure that your G+ page is properly connected to your website and passing social signals correctly, it also now detects whether or not you have a brand page or a local page.

If you aren't sure which type of page you SHOULD be using, ask us the difference in the comments below.

#googleplustool #socialmediatools #socialsignals
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That v good
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How to optimize for 'near me' searches

When a “near me” search is conducted, Google’s algorithm increases the importance of distance from the searcher’s location. It is much debated if marketers can influence “near me” search results, but here are a few solid local search marketing strategies that might help.

1) Make sure that the business name, address and phone number (NAP) are frequently and prominently displayed on your website in an easy-to-index format. Ideally, you should have a separate page for each location, but the addresses of all your locations should at least appear somewhere on your site.

2) Mark up your NAP information with structured data that relates to the business. Google provides instructions on how to do this here:

3) Google My Business should be properly set up and optimized. Each of your locations should have its own Google My Business listing. Ensure that the business name, address and phone number of each location match what you have on your website.

4) Get as many positive reviews as you can for each location, especially on Google. Reviews on other sites can help, too, but Google reviews are likely to have the highest impact on local map pack rankings.

Read More:

Are you still a little confused about what exactly "Google My Business" is? In a nutshell, GMB provides information for your Local Search listing (replacing Google Places), and connects you to your Google+ Page, Google Analytics, and Adwords Express. You can also see your the Insights (stats) for your Google+ page, manage your reviews, or start a Hangout. You should create a Google My Business page for each business location that you have. Your Google+ Page is one element attached to your Google My Business dashboard. It represents your company's presence on Google's social media site - Google+.

Got it?

We would love to help you get your GMB set up correctly as well as to manage your Google+ presence! Give us a call at (844) 731-1223 or click here to learn more:

#seo #search #localsearch #google #socialmedia #business  
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We would love to help you get your GMB set up correctly as well as to manage your Google+ presence! Give us a call at (844) 731-1223 or click here to learn more:
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Step-By-Step Guide to Local SEO
Infographic via +Pickaweb Ltd

Check out the infographic (only partially displayed below) with lots of expert advice to improve your local SEO. Notice that Step 1 is to set up your local listings on Google My Business, Bing Local, and Yahoo Local; Step 2 is to optimize those listings; Step 3 is to make sure you are getting regular client reviews every month.

As a local business, if you ever have a doubt about why you need to be on Google Plus, refer to chart below!

See the full Infographic:

#googleplus #googlemybusiness #seo #googlelocal
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Today is #SMMDay!

Tune in today at 9:45 AM PT (12:45 PM ET) for Social Media Marketing Day, a virtual conference held by WebPromoExperts and featuring some of our favorite Google Plussers, including Eric Enge, Mark Traphagen, Randy Milanovic, Dustin W. Stout, and our very own Ben Fisher!

This is a free online conference and we expect that the entire 1.5 hours will be jam packed with great takeaways!

Sign Up:

#socialmedia #socialmediamarketing #socialmediatips 
3 presentations fro 5 universally known experts: Eric Enge, Mark Traphagen, Randy Milanovic, Ben Fisher, Dustin W. Stout
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Was a good chat about the buyers journey and how social and content really fit in.
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Remembering Ripples: One Year Later

Tomorrow is the one year anniversary since Google+ axed one of its most beloved features... Ripples.

We are too sad to post anything else today... and this image reminds of of the roulette wheel, and we are still in #Vegas...

#RIPRipples #GooglePlus #Ripples #TBT #ThrowbackThursday
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Nice to be in #Vegas and all #BufferedUp!

+Buffer and other social media scheduling tools are great (seriously great) for scheduling posts during times that you might not be available or to take advantage of 'best times' to post (especially when your team is in Vegas!), but the temptation is great to post directly to a platform when you are available to do so.

So, why are we forcing ourselves to use Buffer, especially since we need to go onto G+ anyone in order to put the post into a collection anyway?

Well, it IS nice to have the analytics, but that is just the icing. Actually, the answer is very simple, we want to get them "into our buffer", so we will have an archive of posts that can be scheduled for future dates with just a few clicks. This makes us more efficient, saves time, and positions us to generate even better results and more traffic for ourselves and our clients.

What??? Reshare the same post???

Yes, absolutely. Buffer actually makes a case that repurposing/reposting content can greatly increase the number of clicks you get from it to your website, ( so does Kissmetrics (, and we have had similar results. Change the image, reword the post, highlight a different point, etc. but definitely share your evergreen content more than once! The point is, once it's in your buffer, it's easy to find, rework if needed, and get it scheduled again.

Over to you... do you ever "repost" your content? Why or why not?

#Buffer #socialmedia #socialmediatools #analytics
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You're welcome +Georg Buech 
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Mini Rant

Attn: Event Marketing Coordinators
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE remember to put your event's hashtag on your website.

#YouHadOneJob #Hashtags #FAIL  

Img Credit: (CC) Brian Solis.
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Even social media conferences (SMH)
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Social Media Audit #SEOcafe Twitter Chat -

w/ +SEMrush and +Rival IQ

We often talk about social media audits and even created a free tool for businesses to audit their G+ page ( We recently participated in a Twitter Chat to discuss social media audits. A thorough and careful examination of your data enables you to discover what’s working for your business, what’s doing more harm than good, and what can be improved.

Here are several simple steps for examining your social media profile.

1. Identify your social media profiles.
Of course you know well what social accounts you have. But do all of them work for you? And are you sure you’re focusing on the right ones?

2. Check the key elements of your social media profiles.
Once you’ve decided which social networks you’re going to take advantage of, make sure that you have a proper profile page. This includes the following important elements: your profile photo, company information (name and description), bios, and a link to your website. Make sure you have a consistent N.A.P. profile (name/address/phone) across the web.

3. Maintain a high level of online activity.
Remain active on your major social networks, which doesn’t mean simply posting information about your company. You should be joining and participating in communities and groups and engaging in conversations.

4. Promote your social media profiles.
Make sure that people can easily find your brand and connect with it. Be sure to add them to your website, include them in your email newsletter/signature, and interlink them to one another.

What Tools Should Marketers Use to Analyze the Health of Their Social Media Profiles?
+SEMrush compiled a terrific list and we are throwing our Free G+ Brand Page Audit Tool into the ring as well:

There is a lot more info in the blog post on +SEMrush. Check it out:

#socialmedia #twitter #socialmediatips
Social media channels will increase your chances of success. How many times have you seen this phrase across the web? There’s no denying how helpful Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other platforms can be for your business.In our latest #SEOcafe chat...
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Thanks again +SEMrush for a great chat!
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In case you had any doubts about the power of social media...

We are sure that by now you have heard about 'Chewbacca Mom', the lady who uploaded a video of herself laughing hysterically at the talking Chewbacca mask she bought herself as a birthday present, and the fact that her Facebook live video has smashed all records with more than 136.5 million views and 3.2 million shares. Not only did this mask sell out at Kohl's due to the video, the mask is also sold out at Target, Walmart and Toys R Us.

It’s still possible to get your hands on a Chewy mask — if you’re willing to shell out a lot more than just a couple Wupiupis. It is now listed on by private sellers for about $200 and as a “Buy It Now” on eBay for between $50 and $1,000... and people are paying for it.

The big question we are sure that many brands are asking themselves right now is... how can we replicate this for our products?

Unfortunately, we don't think it can be, or at least it isn't a realistic expectation. However, there are some things that brands can learn from it.

Studies have shown the content that makes people feel good is what is most clicked and most shared. When Candace Payne wrestles the mask from its box and slips it on, and then can’t contain her childlike glee at its Wookiee sounds, viewers couldn’t help but share in her genuine excitement.

Human emotion is contagious. Hearing another person’s laughter triggers the part of the brain that controls smiling, according to scientific research. It’s why sitcoms use laugh tracks. It’s why watching Payne giggle from beneath the mask made us laugh, or at least smile, too.

How a brand responds to an unexpected "gift" such as this video is important as well. While Kohl's wasn't able to keep the unexpectedly popular mask in stock, the company did handle its response with aplomb, sending the Payne family several more masks—and a veritable treasure trove of Star Wars merchandise and $2,500 in Kohl's gift cards, prompting even more headlines and comments such as "These days, the only thing rarer than seeing something truly delightful go viral is seeing a brand respond in a way that's equally charming."

We agree. Well played Kohl's. Well played.


#starwars #kohls #viralvideo #socialmedia #chewbacca  
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Definitely +William Rock and 
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7 Steps To Add Your #Blab To The IMDB -

Getting yourself listed on the IMDB is a pretty big deal for anyone that has aspirations of recognition in the acting or entertainment business. It is also something that you can proudly put on your resume. As you move further down the road toward becoming on-air or video personalities, the IMDB can become a critical asset in your bio.

This tutorial will show you the 7 Steps To Add Your Blab (or Google+ Hangout) to the IMDb.

Get Started:

#IMDb #video #marketing #socialmedia #resume 
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We're in #Vegas, Baby!

Our annual team retreat to Vegas has been great so far! While it is a working retreat, today is our FREE DAY so WATCH OUT VEGAS, here we come!

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The team spent some time at the pool today and a little gambling... now getting ready for our last night on the town!!!
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#Vegas Team Retreat 2016

Time for some "team building" activities...

(Did you notice the heavy use of quotes there???)

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That would be Dave our boss +Mark Barrus 
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In a nutshell, what does Steady Demand do? - We Increase You Social Reach

- Save Time, Produce Engaging Content, and Help With Expertise

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"Steady Demand" ... we all want it; our businesses need it. How does a growing company attain it in an ever changing landscape? Search Engine Results (SERP's) and Social Media Marketing have converged. The tactics that were used to rank well in search and deliver ROI have been rapidly changing and causing more confusion for marketing teams than ever. Steady Demand has been employing white hat (real marketing / ROI driven) techniques since the mid 1990's. 

Our specialty is Google Plus for BusinessBusiness Brand Page Management on Google+. To put it simply, we do all the heavy lifting, writing, engagement, developing quality followers, etc., and we stay up to speed on social and search so you can focus on what you do best -- growing your business

We believe in educating both our clients and the business community in general and have created a free tool to help businesses check the connection from their G+ business brand page to their website to ensure that their social signals earned on Google Plus are passing through to their website. The tool also "grades" recent posts and offers suggestions for improvement.

We started Steady Demand after a few of our consulting clients came to us and started asking for help with manual penalties. We saw the coming of semantic search (Hummingbird) Social Signals and the convergence of Social and SEO a while ago, so we decided to apply Google+ and experiment with how we can help companies rank better naturally.

Using a combination of relationship building, thought leadership and the creation of great content, we will work with you (as a partner) to help you meet your business objectives.

The circles we would recommend you add us to include:

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