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Should have put this on Google+ before now. SORRY GOOGLE PLUS. Here's a project I've been working on. If you could share it with people who might be interested I'd really appreciate it. Thanks!

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2013: Lego Tate Modern
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Many more updates to this week including an AMAZING RESPONSE from Yorkshire Provender...

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Hi Google+. Just to let you know there are lots of updates on that you may or may not have seen. Some of them are very long. Share / enjoy.

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New letter up at now. It is to Philips. You may have also missed the one on Monday, which is illustrated by some Guinea Fowl below.

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Hey Google+! I am still not sure how / if I can make this automatic, but there are several updates on Take a look! Like the page if you like them; that way you'll get updates in your Facebook stream, etc.

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I am going to put this here because I don't know where else to put it and I wanted to link someone.

Careless Twisper: A Social / Drinking / Folk-Tech Game by One Life Left


Group of friends with alcohol, smartphones, twitter accounts, nerves of steel.

The game instigator starts by singing the saxophone solo from George Michael's 'Careless Whisper' (George Michael - Careless Whisper). The last person to join in becomes Player One.

Player One places their smartphone on the table in front of them and opens their Twitter account. They hit the new tweet button. Then, as soon as they are ready, they hit the 'voice entry' button and say something potentially embarrassing; perhaps a personal secret, perhaps a socially unacceptable opinion, perhaps raw slander.

They rely upon the poor decoding ability of the transcription software to obfuscate their careless twisper. Regardless of what their imminent Tweet now says they must hit 'send'*, broadcasting their (possibly garbled) inner thoughts to their followers.

IF it is agreed that i) Player One's initial statement was revealing enough and ii) they did not deliberately employ inaudible (or otherwise confusing) speech, they are declared the winner of that round and can nominate three players to drink and one player as the next Twisperer.

IF it's considered (by majority vote) that Player One broke one of the rules above they must take one drink and repeat the task.

IF Player One refuses to tweet they are declared the game's Andrew Ridgeley and must drink to the demands of three other players. They may be referred to derisively as 'Andrew' until someone else takes their place.

The game continues until i) the players pass out, ii) it all gets a bit 'real', or iii) one is sued for libel**.

The End

"Maybe it's better this way / We hurt each other with the things we want to say"

*An easier version of the game allows players to add the tag #twisper to their Tweets

**This game is why, at a games conference last year, one of the team tweeted "[Games industry legend X] is a PDF file."

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You may have heard already, but otherwise stand by for an employment status megablast: after half a decade I’ve left my job as Creative Director at Kuju. The next question is obvious – for whom, for what – and the immediate answer is just as straightforward. For no-one, for nothing.

Sort of. When scandal-struck celebrities, sports stars or politicians step suddenly from the spotlight to go who-knows-where they have those amazing doorstep press conferences where they’re asked what happens next. The bulbs flash, the eyes water, they force a smile and reach for a cliché. They want to spend more time with their family. There is no scandal here but my reasoning is similar and at least a bit, uh, flirtatious: I want to spend more time with my Crush.

Secret Crush, the volunteer project for which I’ve been recruiting over the last six weeks or so, has becomes something bigger than I anticipated. This is a positive thing, obviously: I’ve been amazed by the response and I’m really excited about making it work. That’s going to take time. I'm shaping initial ideas with a few of the contributors now and hopefully, as things grow, I’ll be able to involve everyone who wants to be involved. Like the site says, this project isn’t a charity and I’d love for it to make money some day. I am not counting on it.

But in order for it to get anywhere at all it needs some immediate love, leadership and dedicated attention so that’s one of the things I’m going to be focussed on for the rest of this year. I’m also mixing in bits of consultancy work and some other interesting projects, working with old friends, ex-colleagues and awesome strangers on some other ideas, game-related and tangential. I loved Zoë and her family and had the best time with them. For the first time in five years I’m free to see other people, do other things and it feels like oxygen.

If you want to get in touch about any of this, or anything else, please do (and if you don’t have my address there’s one buried in Megablast ends. Adventures continue.
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