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STC Technical Editing SIG
A Special Interest Group of the Society for Technical Communication
A Special Interest Group of the Society for Technical Communication

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January announcements: Watercooler chat, SIG volunteers of the the year, rewards for active members, and more!

Get started in 2016 with these great SIG events:
*Monthly volunteer meeting, Jan 14
*Watercooler chat, Jan 22
*STC Summit Early Bird Discount, Jan 31
*STC election, Feb 29 - Mar 11
*Announcing Rewards for Active Members
*Corrigo: call for articles
*Membership renewal
*SIG Resources
*New member welcome

For complete details, see

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Join the Technical Editing SIG for a special, informative webinar on “Editing in the Finance Industry and Medical Field” (Sep 21 at 12noon EDT)

In the first part of this quarterly membership meeting, SIG leaders will present news items related to the Technical Editing SIG.

Then Jessica Kreger will present on “Editing in the Finance Industry.” Kelly Schrank will follow with a presentation on “Editing in the Medical Field.” Jessica and Kelly, both STC senior members and experienced editors, will share their expertise and insights into their fields. There will be time for questions.

This meeting is open to SIG members for free and non-SIG members for a small fee.

Complete details and registration:

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June Announcements: Upcoming webinar, Summit 2015 Activities, and the TE SIG Scholarship!

Here's what's happening with the Technical Editing SIG this month: 
*When is Video the Answer webinar, June 4 
*Monthly volunteer meeting, June 11 
*Summit 2015 — STC Conference Activities for the SIG 
*TE SIG Business Meeting, June 23 
*TE SIG Table at Summit Communities Reception, June 23 
*Diane Feldman Technical Editing Scholarship 
*SIG Resources 
*New member welcome 

Complete details:

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Got an idea for a video? Not so fast! While increased bandwidth and download speeds have helped to make video more popular than ever, it’s not always the best solution. In fact, sometimes a video can actually do more harm than good! In this webinar, Ken Circeo, a Senior Video Producer at Microsoft, will provide critical questions and a logical path to help you determine whether you should create a video for that beckoning issue, or whether to put your time and resources into other content types.  Join us on Thursday, June 4 at 3pm EDT (12noon PDT).    

For complete details and registration, see

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The 2015 Scholarship Application is now open! Manager's Choice

The Technical Editing Special Interest Group of the Society for Technical Communication is now accepting applications for a $1400 undergraduate scholarship and a $1400 graduate scholarship for students pursuing studies in technical communication.

The deadline for applications is July 1, 2015. Winners will be notified in early August 2015.

Complete details:

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The Technical Editing SIG is excited to host Dr. Bette Frick’s webinar,
“Tools Editors Use” on March 13 from 12:00 p.m. – 1:00 p.m. EDT. Bette is an engaging and knowledgeable speaker who spoke to a capacity crowd at last year’s STC Summit. Join Bette as she discusses editing tools that improve and speed our editing process.

Bette will be giving away one free copy of PerfectIt software, one of the editing tools she will be discussing during her webinar. This product is being donated by PerfectIt and does not signify a product endorsement by the TE SIG. All attendees of the live webinar will be eligible.

The webinar is free to TE SIG members and a small fee to non-members. To register:
Hope to “see” you at the webinar!

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Here's what's happening with the Technical Editing SIG this month:
- SIG Election
- STC Election
- Monthly volunteer meeting, Mar 12
- Quarterly program: Tools Editors Use, Mar 13
- Summit 2015 — STC Conference Activities for the SIG
- SIG Resources
- New member welcome

Full details:

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The TE SIG would "love" to have you attend our first watercooler chat of the year! Here's what's happening with the Technical Editing SIG this month:
-    Watercooler chat, Feb 11
-    Volunteer meeting, Feb 12
-    Quarterly Meeting & Program: Editing Tools, Mar 13
-    Summit 2015
-    SIG Resources
-    New Member Welcome 

For complete details, see: 

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December Announcements: Two great programs, plans for 2015, and more!
Rick Sapir
End-user advocate, tech-savvy communicator, and open source contributor, with 15+ years of experience

There's a lot happening with the Technical Editing SIG this month:
* Technical Editing in Wiki Content, Dec. 5
* Teach Your Text To Strip, Dec. 11
* Upcoming Events in 2015
* SIG Volunteers
* SIG Resources
* New Member Welcome

See for complete details.

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The Technical Editing SIG has two great webinars in December... the perfect way to end the year!

On Dec 5, the STC TE SIG holds its quarterly meeting and webinar entitled “Technical Editing in Wiki Content” presented by Louise Galindo, TE SIG Co-Manager.

Then, on Dec 11, Marcia Riefer Johnston, presents "Teach Your Text to Strip: Take It Off—Take It (Almost) All Off."

See our calendar for info on these and all our events.
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