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Good read, Georgia Southern Fans:

Excerpt: "I got all the Oklahomas and Clemsons and LSUs I can shake a stick at. It’s that second tier; it’s the Mountain West or C-USA school. I listen to ADs talk about being strapped for money. I say great, let me play you home-and-home. Don't pay us anything, and we'll bring at least 5,000 fans. Nope. They want no part of it."

GATA!!  John
A school that invented traditions from scratch entered the top subdivision of college football with its favorite tradition of all: winning.
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If you want a bag (duffle, travel, courier, beach, backpack,) tote, stadium cushion, chair back covers, etc., check out this veteran-owned company that still manufactures right here in America....believe it or not! They can customize bags just for your organization or business if you don't see exactly what you want. Let us know if you need help or samples.

Thanks, John & Bob
Cross Canvas Company has a huge selection of bags & baggage, manufactured in the USA, many styles, designs and fabrics to choose from.
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Did you know J.K. Rowling was rejected 12 times before a publisher agreed to give Harry Potter a shot and that you wouldn't be eating KFC if Colonel Sanders had given up after 1,008 rejections?  
J..K Rowling, the author of Harry Potter, spoke to the graduating class of Harvard in June 2008. She didn’t talk about success. She talked about failures. Her own in particular. I absolutely love h...
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Our front page has been updated.  Let us know what we can do for you...or just rant.  We feel your pain, Hazmat Nation.
"Well, where do I go, Uncle Bob?" Click here to be taken to our 777,777 item online catalog  or our forty-item private line of made-in-America printing items. "Do you have free Boarshead samples li...
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We have a line of forty types of printing that's made in America (Georgia, to be more specific).  It's the best time of the year to get calendars ready to give away for 2015, right?  Ask about our free samples. Satisfaction's always guaranteed.
That's Too Easy: Four Ways to Contact Us & Free Samples To Boot! In addition to promotional products, we also can meet your printing needs. Some of our satisfaction guaranteed and made-in-Ameri...
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Guitar Player ranked the Allman Brothers version of "Statesboro Blues" as having the best guitar tone of all time!
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Some conferences even allow us to attend...if we'll behave and not cause a ruckus giving all of our samples away.  At the Georgia 4-H Conference a few years ago, the vendor section opened earlier than expected.  When I walked in, all I could see in the swarm of Extension County folks was my Dad's head as he was giving away notebooks, folders, and daily planners in 4-H green with the logos splashed on the covers.  That was fun...and then we got to eat some fried chicken and sip some sweet tea.  Ahhh, Southern Hospitality...
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Have them in circles
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We've got almost three thousand different candies that you can use as gifts that are made in the USA.  The example below is authentic Belgian chocolate truffles...let us know what you want and we'll see what we can do or look for yourself in our online catalog's American-made candy section:
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Here's the link to our online catalog's section of candy made in the USA...
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Congrats to resident and GSU track coach Brittany Cox on winning her new 32" FLAT SCREEN TV YESTERDAY! Brittany was the winner of a raffle between all of the residents who had turned in their resident update forms so far!! Get your forms in or pay rent before the 1st to be entered in our next raffle!!

 #SouthernDownsApartments #GSU #shewokeupwithanewTV #PaysToBePunctual
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Congrats to Georgia Southern's own, Coach Brittany Cox, on another win....GATA, y'all!
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I grew up in Statesboro only a few minutes from Georgia Southern. This was a BIG deal when THE Erk Russell showed up to start a football team from scratch...good memories...

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This is cool..
Do you want this?
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I believe that these tips can apply to most businesses.  Currently, we don't do all of these because we're small and growing and there's only so much time. However, we do have samples like Tip #1 example  #FrozenPints  so let us know what you're looking for in promotional products (Shameless Plug, Yes!!)...useful read too! 
Marketing doesn't have to be hard or expensive. Sometimes the simplest ideas are the most effective.
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"Are you ready to market your company?"
Do you want more profits, happy long-term clients, and word-of-mouth marketing to build your business and reputation in your community? 

Do you feel good when you’re given a promotional item? Do you think more highly of the businesses that take time to appreciate you and give a token of their gratitude to you?

Are you more likely to use a high-quality, well-made promotional item than something that looks and feels substandard and does not reflect well on the particular business that the item represents? 

What are your competitors doing? Do they make a better impression than you do with your customers and potential customers? Have you found that it’s more expensive to acquire new customers than to keep your current ones?

When you want to upgrade your image, improve your brand awareness, and make more money contact us with your questions or to place an order from one of our 777,777 items. Free samples are available in some cases and all of our goods are satisfaction guaranteed. 



P.S. In addition to promotional items and printing services, we also offer help with creating posts for your blog (what, you don't have a blog !?!), Facebook Posts and Ads, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Slideshare, Scribd, Flickr, photos, videos, Google+, and Google Ads. 

Some internet gurus believe that Google gives preference to businesses and folks who have Google+ accounts when it comes to search results that pertain to your business. Many haven't taken advantage of this and it could provide a competitive advantage. 

Pinterest is providing more referrals to businesses than any other social media platform too! You need high quality photos with the proper keywords in the descriptions and, while you're not being boring, make sure that your photos link back to your company website!
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