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+Claude Avilez  Hopefully America can last that long  it seems sad that for over 200 years  we went along the road of happiness  with a few bumps 
but in the last five all that has gone to hell and we have big government in every aspect of our lives 
Whatever happens to the spirit of using diplomacy instead of military might that Secretary Clinton wanted to achieve? Why does the United States need to use military brute? Why not use a more elegant way of diplomacy and rely on the military force as the very last resort? As an American I am outraged that my tax dollars that I have been paying are not being used prudently as there are more pressing domestic issues that are of more priority: quality and affordable--if not free--health care, education, job security, the economy, our environment. 
+Agga Soediono  you can't talk your way out of everything  and we had a chance in 2012 to put a business person in the white house and blew it ... Clinton doesn't have the ability to use diplomacy to any extent  that it might avert armed conflict , women in the Arabic countries are second class citizens  not one that men converse with in a meaningful manner 
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