Join Secretary of State John Kerry for his first Google+ Hangout today at 1:30 PM EDT. 
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is dhat a gud idea though!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dear Mr. Secretary,

Frankly, in my opinion, the U.S. effort to help Haiti with earthquake recovery has been very feeble and disappointing, particularly in the area of housing assistance.

Can we please offer some meaningful assistance to the Govt. of Haiti so that  large scale housing construction can begin ?

Sincerely,  Tom Ward
Berwyn, Illinois
A Fellow Viet Nam Veteran
cell 708-285-3045  home 708-788-9285
+tom ward Mr. Ward, with all due respect, providing your phone numbers on a public place like this might not be a good idea -- email is better.  You can remove your phone numbers by clicking the "edit" button (hover your mouse over the time you posted and the "edit" button will appear)  
Who gave the stand down order in Benghazi? Who changed the talking points? Where was the President while attacks were happening? Who hired a terrorist-related militia to protect the compound? Who is investigating the murder of NAVY Seals in Afghanistan?
Was the Building Amb. Stevens was in a CIA front for gun riunning to Syria?
With the recent release of the 2012 Human Rights Reports highlighting a range of serious human rights abuses directed at LGBT populations in every region, how does Sec. Kerry plan to address these issues beyond reporting? 
Why have there been so many fewer attacks on diplomatic targets under the Obama administration?  Why is it that embassies are without exception attacked more frequently when Republicans are in the white house? 
To Simons, from what I have noticed it seems that when republicans are in office attacks on embassy's don't happen that much. But when they do things get done to fix the problems, and the people that attacked are dealt with (like when Reagan came into office the hostages were released and nobody screwed with us). But when Carter (a democrat) was president the hostages were taken; and now Obama has lied about how Benghazi happened and he and his administration have been covering it up! So it seems that what you said is not right.
But I do want to know what u were referring to as far as republicans being in office when embassy's were attacked. Please respond.
Wuuut. Idk whats going on i dont UNDERSTAAAAAND
Please tell me there will be another one.Preferably after 3 pm.
The Moorish Nations of North America is and will take our place in the affairs of Men and Nations,its prophesies! Treaty of Peace & Friendship 1787
Between Morocco and the United States of America.
descendant of the Ancient Moabites — was born in the North Carolina Territory, Northwest Africa (America), in the year 1886 A.D., 1306 M.C. He was born of the Cherokee tribe of the Moorish Nation, and was named Timothy Drew.
     At a very young age, Timothy Drew was inspired to learn more about the scattered bits and pieces of knowledge, heritage and culture of his Ancient Moorish peoples. He began to travel this old land (Amexem). He lived with and mingled with various tribes of our Indigenous Moors and was resolved to better their conditions. 
     Noble Drew Ali’s inspired activity and determination were the impetus for the, yet to be manifested, Moorish movement. This Movement was destined to progressively activate and change the whole frame of mind, status and political condition for the defeated Moorish Nation in Northwest Africa (Al Moroc / America).
Tell me there will be another one?
around 3 pm?
اللهم اما ارحمنا واغفرلنا زنوبنا
أنا أحب الفلافل، ولكن لا يمكن العثور الفلافل جيدة في الولايات المتحدة الأمريكية
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