"It is truly an honor to pay tribute, on behalf of president Obama and the American people, to the many brave Ukrainians who gave their lives in the pursuit of a just and democratic #Ukraine" said U.S. Deputy Secretary of State Burns at a ceremony yesterday in #Kiev
Заступник Держсекретаря Бьорнз вшановує пам'ять полеглих
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А предотвратить слабо было...
Оксана, у нас соседка Россия. У US главной целью было не навредить.
Пошли на- й. Америкосы поганые ! Воры ! 
+Xavier Kelley Because you pretend that you love Russians and when coming to visit us your nose . And say how cool as well , and not love us !
people are people all around the world always looking to blame someone a scapegoat for  injustice intolerant small minded deficiencys do you have a reison d etre mortal personage soul or are you inhumane & uncivilized egoistic
People are people ! Yes, it is so only American policy already became insufferable ! America thieves and militarists stupid ! And not have to fucking shit
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