"I'm sometimes asked how, as someone who testified 42 years ago against the Vietnam War in which I had fought, I could testify in favor of action to hold the Assad regime accountable today.  The answer is, I spoke my conscience in 1971 and I'm speaking my conscience now in 2013.  Secretary Hagel and I support limited military action against Syrian regime targets not because we've forgotten the lessons and horrors of war -- but because we remember them." -Secretary John Kerry 
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Kerry is a turn coat blaming his fellow servicemen of atrocities in Vietnam...even tossing his metals all so Csucker could start a political career...sell-out...butt fucker piece of lying shit
+Steve Frickey As a former member of Veterans Against the War I see it as my duty to point out that you haven't any idea of what you're talking about. Case in point, Kerry did NOT make the accusations of atrocities; he referred to the accusations in his testimony but they were already public. BTW, he's not the only vet to discard his medals!
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