The State Department has received a new application from TransCanada Corp. for a proposed pipeline that would run from the Canadian border to connect to an existing pipeline in Steele City, Nebraska. The new application includes proposed new routes through the state of Nebraska. The Department is committed to conducting a rigorous, transparent and thorough review.
New Pipeline Application Received from TransCanada
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Yes... sure! Your department shouldn't even be dictating anything about any business from the private sector. Instead, your energy would be better serve toward helping OUR government return to financial health and responsibility.
No more pipelines. Please.

+Kevin Barwell, we don't have enough domestic reserves to make a dent in domestic demand, much less free ourselves from Arab oil. At this point, any money spent on fossil fuel development is good money thrown after bad.

Not one more cent on fossil fuels.
Please park you cars now! Or is it just your mouths that is going and producing all that CO2?
I think it must be the exhaust from "conservative" brains trying to work out how to explain that we need to keep pumping money into fossil fuels... and not put any investment into renewables.

It's quite a challenge. I'd say I wish them luck, but actually I don't.
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