The State Department is determined to continue its work in close collaboration with civil society and government partners to ensure a society where all persons, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity, are treated with equality and dignity.
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Shouldn't we clean up our own backyard before telling other people what to do? Besides, Islam is against christians, jews, gays, and infidels in particular.
We The People Want Two Presadents Eleted. Republicans and, Democratic to cleen our Government Mess.
Mark S
Screw you and drop the BS. We want answers about BENGHAZI!
Human rights, LGBT rights included, exist on an international continuum. They are not compartmentalized by country. Instead, what happens in one country affects what happens in others. When a country like Russia or Uganda decides to start abusing and imprisoning it's LGBT citizens, it gives other backward countries an excuse to start abusing their citizens.  It is vital that the U.S. government promote LGBT rights at home and across the globe - lives across the globe depend on it. 
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