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Google+ Hangout on International Adoption
U.S. Department of State and 2 others participated
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I inquired about adopting a little Girl in 2008. I was told because I am a Single Heterosexual Male, that I probably would not qualify. Yet LGBT Couples do qualify? This is an Outrage! They told me it would cost me $20,000 (This appeared to me to be Human Trafficking). I thought they would pay me a $20,000 Annual Subsidy to Care for a Child! They also told me that only Negro Babies were available. Negro Babies are not compatible with my ethnicity. Because of Women's Rights, I have had a hard time finding a compatible mate, due to Competition from the Porn Industry & Jews & Negros who use Money to lead Women into Temptation (Prostitution). So now these Women do not appreciate what I have to offer. Hence why I inquired about Adoption. I have enough Food in my Refrigerator... but I guess they don't want my help? This is a Hypocrisy! Anyways, let me know if you have any alternative suggestions. I will adopt, but I want to be compensated!
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