500 young African leaders are gaining the experience of a lifetime, studying at academic institutions throughout the United States. These young leaders are the first wave of participants in the Washington Fellowship, the flagship program of President Obama’s Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI). http://go.usa.gov/5Z53
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While I disagree with the expense of any U.S. taxpayer money, I hope these young people can learn a new way for themselves and for their continent.  It is long overdue.
+Bill Ritzmann reality...everything has a cost. If you want to help other human beings to advance it will cost us all...much less money to educate then to allow them to be poor and dependant on us for their entire lives. 
+Clifford Hinckley Reality: Spending does not always lead to the desired result and Africa is the poster child for failed federal aid.
Then, please, request your president to count their lives. Do not think they are for free, every man is worth of his living. And don't put their lives to kill one another. Or American Citizens. Teach them how to live for Good.
People do not need government to teach them how to live - for anything.
So America is gona teach them how to lead their own country? ...i don't see as helping, more like telling them what n how to handle Africa , or puppet on a string 
How many dictators have been educated in this country. Far too many!
+Clifford Hinckley Failing to recognize failure guarantees only more failure, of which in Africa, there are many decades worth.
+Bill Ritzmann Thank you Bill I have been telling my missioner son that for years in Sudan; I try to be positive  and bless him with my blessing and support -- I hope to have a good report to give in the future 
These young Africans in the USA didn't go to learn but to share their dreams about Africa and create a leadership network for the continent through the support of the USA that has resources. "USA leadership is first to initiate this network"
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