Breaking News: Secretary Kerry announces visa changes for same-sex couples. Read more:
Aug. 2, 2013: Remarks by Secretary Kerry made at U.S. embassy London.
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Yeah, cool. you have gotten something right! A small step toward educating Americans to respect cultural diversity, the same diversity that underpins our economic prosperity and ties our fate to the rest of the world... I honestly love serving Muslim-American women at my work, but that other party encourages their supporters to treat these Americans like second class citizens... they are taxpayers, like the rest of us, ought to have dignity and be treated with respect. (I ought to be treated with respect too, but that PA Police Chief Kessler wants to shoot me dead and I cant afford my daily bread... so I wonder, who is protecting me?)
...рот...Искандер... откроет? Леха открывал!
 What about the conflict between Obama and some Jewish senators concerning the Coup in Egypt, Not to mention Kerry's announcement in Pakistan; later was denied by the White house. Have you got anything to say about all that
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