The U.S. Department of State has arrived on Google+. Let us know what would be most useful for you. What U.S. foreign policy topics interest you? Do you have ideas for Hangouts? Let's start the conversation.
The State Department Joins Google+. Posted by Victoria Esser / February 16, 2012. Screenshot of the U.S. Department of State Google Plus web page as seen on February 16. Victoria Esser serves as Deput...
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Yay. Let's get .. idk but I'm so glad you're here nstuff!
Glad you are here Secretary Clinton.
Interesting, I just posted a photo of the former President two days ago, one that I took during his initial campaign.
Some history of Department in photos and documents would be interesting to see here, and some insight beyond the official stuff and statements.
Faces and personalities are also important, along with some personal commentaries from the field.
How about a hangout where the U.S. Government promises, once and for all, to stop whoring itself out to the content mafiaa, and swears to NEVER, EVER, pursue anything remotely resembling SOPA, PIPA, ACTA, or TPP EVER AGAIN? That would be awesome. A commitment not to engage in unnecessary wars would be pretty sweet, too. But we're actually to the point now where obscene international conflict is less of a threat to American society than the entrenched system of graft and corruption that leads to bills like ACTA. Get the money out of politics, then we can talk. Otherwise...

“Every generation needs a new revolution.” - Thomas Jefferson
Nice to have you join us. Hope to see you in a hangout soon.
Now that you're on +Google+ I'd hope Foggy Bottom would increase the pressure on Ortega in Nicaragua. We need help, maybe you can use some of +Google+ 's muscle or something...
How about taking all those funds in foreign aid that you give to pakistan and giving it to education or the reconstruction of the U.S. infrastructure (Hey, you can't do that because that would create jobs. Jobs that you can't outsource to China. Right?) or better yet, use it to help pay down the debt. Just a thought. Oh, and some common sense would be great.
Hope you don't mind the political blathering going on in the comments -- these people don't know when to quit. It's nice to see the State Department have a presence on here. Welcome.
Welcome to our world. What we would like from you? To listen, to listen to the people and to help make this country the way it was meant to be, for the people. Thank you.
How about when you do something or take a stance you explain why without political double-speak. Simple explanations of why, that's what I'd like to see. Oh, and thank you for joining us, I look forward to seeing what comes of it.
interested in discussing America's policy in Africa
Its advise to US department not to interfere in others matters. Just concentrate on your economy that's gonna end soon. And you are the top country which is liable to pay a heavy burden of loans. Already china has given you a warning to repay the due loans, and it warned you in very comic and humiliated way, so think about that and don't waste your time in thinking about others especially Muslims, Because you is nearly end and next leaders of world already having big concerns about what you have harmed the world in this era. you have destroyed whole world.. even you didn't spare your own brothers in religion. you destroyed the Japan, Vietnam Iraq Afghanistan, Palestine, Libya. You have indulged the world in two big war, and the next world war will be because of you. So please now forgive the mankind and world . for how long you will kill more peoples on earth. ??????
There has been a lot of heat over stuff leaked by whistle-blowers, hackers, and other persons. I recognize a nation needs to try to stop this activity, because some of the content might place at risk our national defense, people spying for US in other nations, willingness of informants to be honest. While the government frowns on the fact that stuff got leaked, does it also frown on people looking at the now leaked info, and discussing it?

When info is copied by unknown people, shared with other unknown people, then eventually shared with the general public, the opportunity exists for those unknown people to rephrase the content, take things out of context, to make the scenario appear like our government made worse mistakes than the original content might imply. Is that in fact going on? Are we hearing about things accurately, things which were supposed to have stayed confidential?

There has been stuff de-classified which was secret for 50 years. It mystifies me why some stuff should have been kept secret for so long. The only reasons which make sense to me:
- Some techniques developed during WW I, have since been refined, are so much better today, so we don’t want to give our enemies ideas, where they can build on the basis for our war fighting or intelligence gathering.
- Someone made some error in judgment, that someone has since been promoted to General or Admiral, then maybe retired – we don’t want to publish anything which makes them look bad, or might embarrass their grand children, so we keep it secret until a decade after they have died
- Documents are classified secret, they go into archives, are never reviewed, get overlooked.

Is there some other reason which I have overlooked?
Drop dead Hillary "Road-Whore" Clinton. You are a yammering idiot and a wste of bandwidth. Fuck off.
Improve your about page to be more of a guide for people to find info about US foreign policy and the US Dept of State. There will be questions which come up a lot due to what is hot in the news. The about page should provide links to where people can research the issues of the day.
+Jera Wolfe I may be able to answer some of your questions.

The US State Dept has regular briefings for the news media, as do many other US government agencies, departments, etc.
You can view them here and on C-Span, and other places. You may be able to order or download transcripts. There may be a challenge navigating all this info, if you are seeking traffic on a particular topic or nation.

Here is a link to a recent post on one of the US Dept of State blogs:

I subscribe to these posts via Google News Reader. Many are interesting to me, but there is more info than I have time to delve into. Subscribing to this stuff helps us see what this Dept of government is up to.

Here is US Dept of State info about current US foreign policy issues with Iran:

There are some good links there. I think the page would be improved if there was also a link to the CIA factbook on Iran:

Here is a generic page of Iran info at the US Dept of State website:*&search-button=Search

+Alister Macintyre
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In here, we, the people, are the big brothers. We have the power to watch over you, to change you if you don't like you and to remind you that Business As Usual will no longer be the motto of this Gov't.
I would really like to do a hangout with Hilary and talk about the situation in the middle east - especially Iran. I am concerned we are going to either be A. suckered into or B. Forced into a war that is really not economically feasible for us right now.
I think the Department of State Page on Google+ will be better if there are separate Google Pages by Geographical Regions. For example: There can be one Page dedicated to China affairs; one for Middle East; one for Africa; one for South East Asia; another for India/Pakistan; etc, etc. That way, G+ users interested in selective regions only get to see those streams they subscribe to.
Welcome to Google+! Looking to read some some opinions about the state of foreign affairs!
Wow, cool! I whish my country would do the same! Welcome to Google+!
Question on Foreign Policy: Why does the US government continue to spend literally billions of dollars in aid to Israel whilst the US itself is currently in the biggest economic crisis it's seen in years? Just to clarify why I am singling out Israel, it appears that a disproportionate amount of aid goes to Israel which is not even a developing country. Also as Israel does not have to explain how exactly they are spending the money is means that it is impossible to know how much of US tax payers money is being spent expanding the settlements (seen as illegal both by the UN and the US) in the West Bank.

Also I just want to say welcome to G+, it's great to see you take this opportunity to interact on a more personal level with both the citizens of your own country but also the rest of the world as well.
But, +G. Michael Williams , does that mean it's okay for other nations to attack the United States with armed drones until we stop hosting terrorists like Bush, Rumsfeld, Cheney, and Kissinger? See the correlation?
I agree with +Michael Chan suggestion about separate Google Pages by Geographical Regions I think this principle also applies to other social media and US government info pages, and also Topics like WMD, civil rights, social justice, economy, treaties, environment. I think there should be a partnership between Google (search engine specialists) and US government (info to share with the people) to improve the ability for us to zoom in on the info we are most interested in finding, learning about. I think Google could also be a big help for authorized persons access to data shared between government agencies but not with the public (classified info). Not all data is in Microsoft Office format. Connecting the dots can be a nightmare when you don't know what data you have, what is being updated, the data in many formats (computers other than Microsoft Intel base, content can be voice which you want going thru Google translate, which is great but not Star Trek Universal Translator quality, then search for key words, etc. to identify chunks in need of human translate better). There's another software I think might be helpful to the counter-intelligence community, marketed as Needle in Haystack which looks for patterns of data being messed with, identifies messing with which breaks patterns.
I am not against taking action against terrorists. But killing people with weapons like drones without due process puts the US Govt morally in the same circle as terrorists. Besides for every alleged terrorist killed, many innocent civilians including women and children lose their lives. And I for one believe that attacks of 9/11 were carried out by people in the US Govt including Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld etc. So the basic premise to start the so called war on terror was a false flag event of the biggest kind.
While some people may never accept official explanations, there may be value in having a page with links to reports which address common misconceptions and myths around the world, which can be very divisive.
I am not a sheepie like a US citizen who is groomed from day one to accept the official explanation no matter how ridiculous and bizarre. So US sheepies keep flattering your govt.
This Could Be The Beginning Of A Beautiful Friendship. Welcome To G+.
Nice! Using G+ as a propaganda tool to make ordinary people think the US are listening them, good idea!

So, I'm interesting in the Iran case, why don't let them get civil and military nuclear technology? I mean, the countries who are just next to Iran don't fear this fact, and approve it. And thinking about that, other countries (Israel, France, UK, Pakistan, China, India, Russia) have nuclear weapons, and it doesn't bother the US, why is it a problem with Iran? Why are you so afraid, you're not in the range of nuclear weapons.
Last time the US tried to interfere with a supposed (well, a bloody lie at the end) nuclear threat, it was in Iraq. Now the region is less and less secure, and the country has been ruined.
I love you Hillary Clinton...Thank You for all that you do!
Welcome to G+!

I'm skeptical, though. G+ and other social networks are about having conversations, not just having another medium to broadcast on.

Indeed, one definition of "spammer" on the Usenet -- perhaps one of the first "social networks" -- was someone who would broadcast their message with no intention of having a conversation.

So let's have dialogue, not monologue!

+Scott Doty
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Rules of war differ greatly from law enforcement. +Jason Lewis +Muhammad Ahmad Malik I realize you two don't really understand larger issues, you just have a false premise. Of note, we didn't send the Police to arrest the Nazi forces, or the armies of Imperial Japan. We didn't sent the police to defend Korea.

Unmanned drones aren't sentient, the drones aren't "attacking" on their on volition. Complaining about not have a manned drone is about as stupid as complaining about an unmanned bullet.
Dear Reader,
There's so much misinformation in this thread that you'd think everyone got their news from British intelligence dossiers instead of The Economist!
Welcome to G+. The conversation everyone should have is on exports and imports, mainly how can we stabilize the percentage between the two.
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